New York City's Message to Illegal Immigrants at Southern Border: We Don't Want You Here

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It’s the most underreported story of the decade. And that’s just the way the Biden administration wants it.

The border crisis has moved north into Democratic-run big cities like New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia. The illegal aliens are filling up homeless shelters and are being stuffed into makeshift shelters like schools and empty buildings as Democratic mayors scramble to prevent a humanitarian crisis in their cities.


The much-touted “Sanctuary Cities” are anything but, as New York City Mayor Eric Adams is proving with his latest effort to stem the flow of illegals into his town.

Adams says that New York is “at capacity” and is distributing a flyer at the southern border asking border crossers to “Please consider another city as you make your decision about where to settle in the U.S.”

I’d like to welcome Mayor Adams to the “heartless” and “inhumane” club as he seeks to shuffle illegal aliens off to other cities that can’t handle the influx, either.

What’s more, Adams is now going to go “full GOP” and start kicking illegal aliens out of their shelters after 60 days.

Washington Post:

The city will also start giving 60 days’ notice to adult asylum seekers staying in shelters, after which they will need to reapply for a shelter placement.

New York City law protects the right to shelter, and the move could raise legal challenges, advocacy groups said.

The attempt “to dissuade immigrants from coming to New York City is cruel, unlawful, and flies in the face of New Yorkers’ values of compassion and care,” the American Civil Liberties Union of New York wrote on Twitter.

I’m sure our brothers and sisters in the ACLU will all be happy to give up their homes in order to shelter illegal aliens. If not, STFU.


“New York City has done more than any other level of government” to accommodate migrants, Adams said. “But we cannot continue to absorb tens of thousands of newcomers on our own without the help of the state and federal government.”

And that’s the kicker. Joe Biden can’t afford politically to publicly recognize the national disaster he’s created in America’s cities. His strategy is to pretend it doesn’t exist by keeping the meager amount of federal assistance to cities he’s dispensing to deal with the crisis on the down low.

And since the national media doesn’t recognize the crisis, it’s turning out to be a splendid plan.

New York has a “legal obligation to ensure that people who lack shelter are safe and secure, and protected from exposure to the elements,” the Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

If anything has ever shown how ignorant the radical left is, this crisis has revealed their stupidity in full flower. The shelter law doesn’t matter if there’s no shelter. Is Adams supposed to declare martial law and evict people from their homes to make room for illegals?

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Asked whether he’s concerned about New York’s right-to-shelter law, Adams told reporters that “I don’t have the luxury to sit back.” He added: “I just really need people to understand, every day this team is figuring out ‘Where do we put the next body?’”

Since the homeless advocates aren’t responsible for the life, death, and health of the illegal aliens, they can afford to caterwaul and weep to the media about how awful, terrible, and inhumane it all is. Meanwhile, their fundraising is probably through the roof as all the free publicity they’re getting by bashing Adams pays off.


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