Russia State-Funded RT America Will Cease Operations in the United States

(Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, file)

RT America, the Russian state-funded television network broadcasting on cable and satellite TV in the United States, will cease operations, according to the production company behind the broadcast.


The action was taken “as a result of unforeseen business interruption events,” according to Misha Solodovnikov, the general manager of T&R Productions.

“Unfortunately, we anticipate this layoff will be permanent, meaning that this will result in the permanent separation from employment of most T&R employees at all locations,” Solodovnikov wrote.

“Unforeseen business interruption events” could mean that the war Russia started in Ukraine is making it very uncomfortable for RT to operate in the U.S.

CNN Business:

The news would mean an effective end to RT America. The network, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s main mouthpieces in the US, was dropped earlier this week by DirecTV, dealing a major financial blow to it. The satellite carrier was one of the two major television providers in the US to carry the network.

Roku, a company that sells hardware which allows users to stream content through the internet, also said that it had banished RT America from its platform.

RT, which operates multiple networks across the world, has seen its reach significantly diminish in recent days as technology companies and television providers have moved to sever ties with it as a result of Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine.

Some prominent American news and entertainment personalities were featured on RT programming, including Larry King, Chris Hedges, Jesse Ventura, and Dennis Miller.


How could anyone in good conscience give legitimacy to a network spouting anti-American crap? It doesn’t matter if they never uttered a kind word about Putin or Russia. Others on RT most certainly did.

An RT America host, who also spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity, said that she watched as her entire staff was told “their jobs were no more.”

“I have never felt more heartbroken as they have nothing to do with this conflict and seriously were just trying to make a decent living to provide for their families,” the host said.

Solodovnikov did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A spokesperson for RT America did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

I’m sure Joseph Goebbels provided a “decent living” for families of those who worked for the Nazi propaganda machine. But creating content and providing context in order to obscure the truth about Russia doesn’t generate any feelings of pity in me.



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