Georgetown Law Dean Grovels Before Black Activists Protesting Shapiro

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The Georgetown Black Law Students Association has been conducting an old-fashioned “sit-in” at the office of Georgetown School of Law Dean William Treanor. The protesters were agitating for the firing of Ilya Shapiro, a recently-hired senior lecturer and executive administrator at the Georgetown Center for the Constitution.


Shapiro, commenting on Joe Biden’s insistence that he will only choose a black woman for the open Supreme Court seat, tweeted out, “Objectively best pick for Biden is Sri Srinivasan, who is solid [progressive] and [very] smart,” Shapiro tweeted. “Even has identity politics benefit of being first Asian (Indian) American. But alas doesn’t fit into the last intersectionality hierarchy so we’ll get a lesser black woman. Thank heaven for small favors?”

The radicals, looking for any way to derail Shapiro, pounced viciously on the “lesser black woman” tweet — inelegant and awkward phrasing to be sure, but does it amount to a death sentence? Shapiro is currently suspended while a “review” is underway.

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In the old days, the dean would have called the police or the national guard, and they would have come in and — as was the fashion during that era — unceremoniously removed the protesters. And not too gently.

But this is America in 2022, not 1968 and the “Days of Rage.” The activists may still be enraged, but the reaction of Dean Treanor was a little different.

The dean offered to pay for dinner being delivered to the protesters.

That’s a nice Christian thing to do. After all, Georgetown is still (nominally) a Catholic University. But it wasn’t just that Treanor was being a good Christian. He also agrees with the protesters. And to make matters worse, the school is going to decide Shapiro’s fate based on the recommendation of a panel with Treanor as its chairman.


Students attending the sit-in, which was hosted by the Georgetown Black Law Students Association and organized to call for Georgetown law professor Ilya Shapiro to be fired, told the dean they have been unable to function following social media posts by Shapiro critical of President Joe Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman for the Supreme Court.

“Students are going to the bathroom to cry because they are scared,” one student told William Treanor, the dean of the law school. When another student said, “We have food on the way,” Treanor responded: “We will reimburse you for that.”

Here, ladies and gentleman, are your lawyers of the future: cowering, weeping worms. Truly pathetic.

The exchange captures the tone of the sit-in, with Treanor and other administrators taking a largely deferential tone toward the demonstrators. “These comments are really helpful,” Treanor said at one point, assuring students he was “appalled” by Shapiro’s tweet. “For this to be at the start of Black History Month is particularly painful. I know what a terrible burden it is, and I’m grateful for you taking the time to talk.”

Several demonstrators also mentioned an incident involving former Georgetown Law professor Sandra Sellers, who was caught on tape saying that black students tend to cluster at the bottom of their classes. “That took me away from being able to focus for a month,” a student said. “And that was during Black History Month too.”


I think that law school dean from 1968 should reincarnate and give these whiny children what they need more than anything else: a bare-ass spanking and a stern lecture about how the world really works.

Those kids back in 1964 at Berkeley occupying the president’s office had guts and a willingness to put it all on the line for what they believed. They risked getting kicked out of school or going to jail just to make a point.

The kids in the Georgetown law dean’s office have to leave the protest to go to the bathroom to cry. And they know that not only will nothing untoward happen to them — no cops dragging them out and clubbing them — but they will be sheltered and protected by people like Dean Treanor, who wishes he, too, could act like a child again instead of the leader of a prominent law school.



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