Border Arrests Jump 5% in November

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The Biden administration’s disastrous policies continue to wreak havoc along the southern border as the Customs and Border Patrol are once again being overwhelmed by illegal aliens trying to cross into the United States.


Unpublished numbers that detail border arrests jumped 5% in November to 173,600. This headcount is far short of the record 213,000 arrested in July, but increases in the arrest of Venezuelan nationals and continued unrest in Cuba and Haiti promise larger numbers in the near future.

It could have been a lot worse. Biden is still enforcing much of Title 42, which empowers the government to restrict immigration during a public health emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, against many illegals trying to enter the United States. But families and unaccompanied children are still allowed in.

Washington Post:

Approximately half of those arrested were expelled to their native countries or to Mexico under a pandemic public health order that President Biden has held over from the Trump administration. But outcomes varied sharply by group. Almost all unaccompanied minors and most family members apprehended were allowed into the United States; it remains unclear how many were then released from custody to pursue their immigration cases.

Two-thirds of the 114,100 adults traveling solo were expelled under the order, issued under Title 42 of the public health code, the data shows. CBP, which generally does not comment on unpublished data, did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

The latest numbers show the Biden administration is still facing significant political and humanitarian challenges at the southwest border, after apprehending a record 1.7 million migrants in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.


The number of arrests of illegals this year was double that of last year, when just 72,000 were taken into custody.

Mexican immigrants are still the largest group arrested by far, with 63,000 taken into custody.

The expulsions pose a conflict for the Biden administration, which has said that extreme conditions and unrest in Haiti make it too dangerous to deport most undocumented Haitian immigrants established and living in the United States. Haiti is still reeling from a punishing earthquake, the assassination of the president and the proliferation of armed gangs kidnapping people for ransom.

Analysts say many Haitian migrants are coming directly from Brazil or Chile and are fleeing racism and worsening economic conditions in those countries. Many have not lived in Haiti for years.

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Once again, Joe Biden is asking Americans to shoulder the burden and take care of foreign nationals because their own governments or the United Nations are either incapable or unwilling to do so. The generosity of the American people should only be expected to reach a certain point before U.S. citizens are allowed to say “enough — no more!”

This massive movement of people is the western hemisphere’s problem. America should be more than willing to do their fair share to address the problem — and we are. We’re doing more than anyone could reasonably expect.

But it’s cynical and evil to dump the entire problem in our lap and then criticize us for “human rights violations.”




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