Alyssa Milano: It's the 'Most Dangerous Time to Be a Woman in America'

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Alyssa Milano, who used to be an actor but is now a professional celebrity/activist/nutcase gave a speech on Saturday to a crowd in Los Angeles that had been whipped into a frenzy over the threat to what they see as the right of a woman to end a pregnancy if she wishes. What the fetus has to say about it is unknown, of course. But for many women, not hearing the cries of their babies being ripped from the womb makes it so much easier to support other women wanting to end their pregnancies as well.


Ms. Milano is a ranting hysteric. She misses being on stage so much she must invent drama to get her fix of notoriety.

And in America in the 21st century, hysteria sells. No one will listen to you if you’re calm, rational, and make reasonable arguments. Unless you’re warning of total, cataclysmic disaster, people yawn and flip the page on their iPhones to someone who will give them what they want. Milano is always good to generate mass hysteria.

Fox News:

“I cannot believe how f—ed up America is right now,” Milano said Saturday in her speech, which she also posted to her Twitter account.

“I can’t believe how a handful of men are successfully taking 50 years of rights away from women and how our Supreme Court, packed with abusers, is just gonna sit by and let it all happen,” she continued.

(WARNING: Graphic, obscene language, and unhinged ranting.)

I’m not sure the four liberals on the Supreme Court appreciate being called “abusers.” But don’t stop Ms. Milano now, she’s on a roll.


Milano went on to single out the men who attended the rally, asking them to not “mistake marching — showing up for a single event — with being an effective ally in this fight” and saying, “You need to take action and keep taking action until this is all fixed.”

“Use your privilege to destroy your own privilege,” she told the men.

“Fixed” is an interesting term to use. The way Milano is talking, she may be advocating pitchforks, tar, and feathers for men in power before too long.

“It is time for the president and the leaders in Congress to enact the Equal Rights Amendment. They need to do it f—ing now,” she said.

“This is the most dangerous time to be a woman in America,” she added.

With people like Milano, it’s extraordinarily dangerous to be an unborn child. But then, the unborn don’t quite have the style of a fading celebrity who uses obscenities in public and calls men mean names.

No female voices that disagreed with Milano spoke at the abortion rally. But the Susan B. Anthony List issued a statement.

The Women’s March org is holding a rally for abortion justice tomorrow. It would be better named a rally for abortion extremism. The policies they support are far outside the mainstream of what most Americans think about this issue. In fact, the Women’s March has a history of excluding women who speak out against the human rights abuse of abortion.


Quite right. The American people are very discerning about abortion. They aren’t extremists like Milano, who supports abortion anywhere, everywhere, and at any time. But Milano’s unhinged, hysterical ranting about this being “the most dangerous time to be a woman in America” completely ignores who is in real danger and should be protected from people like Alyssa Milano.



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