You're Not Going to Believe Why a Wisconsin School Spent $50K To Move a Rock

Chamberlain Rock being moved. Image from Twitter.

Every time I think we’ve reached peak woke insanity, the idiocy, stupidity, and sheer, shocking lunacy of the left manifests itself in some other quiet corner of rationalism and reason while the rest of us are left gasping for air.


It’s sad but predictable. And there’s nothing to be done except sit back and marvel at the lengths humans will go to delude themselves.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison just spent $50,000 to move a rock. Chamberlin Rock was named after a former university president and a geologist Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin — a scholar of some note in the 1920s. He had no known racist tendencies. He has no racist writings to his name. But when did facts ever matter to the woke cretins on college campuses?

One newspaper story from 1925 referred to the rock as “n****r head rock” — a common term at the time for any dark-colored boulder. That was enough to condemn the rock to the outer darkness.

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Not being an expert in idiomatic American English from the 1920s, I had absolutely no idea that “n****r head” was a common name for a dark-colored rock. I doubt very much whether any of the proponents of moving this rock are experts either — or even familiar with the usage of the phrase. But it appeared in one story in one newspaper 100 years ago so it’s got to go.

Is the term offensive? Duh. But moving the rock became a major civil rights issue because the boulder sat just a few yards from a Native American burial site.


I kid you not.

ABC News:

University Chancellor Rebecca Blank approved removing Chamberlin Rock in January but the Wisconsin Historical Society needed to sign off because the boulder was located within 15 feet (4.6 meters) of a Native American burial site.

The rock will be placed on university-owned land southeast of Madison near Lake Kegonsa. The university plans to erect a plaque in Chamberlin Hall to honor the former university president, school spokeswoman Meredith McGlone said.

How can we take these people seriously?

Meanwhile, back to the rock. NROs Daniel McLaughlin says the attitude that led to the rock’s demise is “hard to parody.” Not really — not when the attitude parodies itself.

Juliana Bennett, a senior and a campus representative on the Madison City Council, said removing the rock signaled a small step toward a more inclusive campus. “This moment is about the students, past and present, that relentlessly advocated for the removal of this racist monument,” she said. “Now is a moment for all of us BIPOC students to breathe a sigh of relief, to be proud of our endurance, and to begin healing.”


McLaughlin knows exactly what this foofooraw is all about — and it ain’t “racism.”

None of this is about justice or tolerance. It’s about power. The more ridiculous the demand, the more it shows your power when it is granted. The absurdity is the point. One can only assume that the next demand will be for the university to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring.

“Racist monument” or an insanely ordinary block of stone? In order to see it as a “racist monument,” you have to deliberately elevate the rock in stature far beyond the importance one would routinely — dare I say “normally” — attach to it.

In other words, sometimes a rock is just a rock. It’s a self-evident truth that the left turns on its head to get attention.

Don’t you wish they’d just wet their pants like other two-year-olds to get us to notice them?



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