Staffers at Operation Warp Speed Refute Biden Claim of No Vaccine Distribution Plan

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Last week, CNN ran with a shocking story about the Trump administration not having a vaccine distribution plan, which meant the Biden administration would have to “start from scratch.”


The story was refuted not only by Trump administration officials but by the likes of Dr, Anthony Fauci, who told a White House press briefing, “We’re certainly not starting from scratch, because there is activity going on in the distribution.” He also said, “You can’t say it (the vaccine distribution plan) was absolutely not usable at all,” Fauci said.

Even after Fauci tried to correct the lie, Biden staffers continued to push it.

“The sad part is the last administration didn’t leave anything. They didn’t leave a plan,” Biden senior adviser Cedric Richmond told CNN on Saturday. On Meet the Press, Biden chief of staff Ron Klain said “the process to distribute the vaccine, particularly outside of nursing homes and hospitals out into the community as a whole, did not really exist when we came into the White House.”

Now, staffers for Operation Warp Speed — the people in charge of vaccine distribution — have hit back at Biden’s spurious claims.

National Review:

The new administration’s ability to hit its daily target immediately after the benchmark was set is evidence that they inherited a workable plan from the Trump administration, according to current and former officials.

“We provided the Biden team over 300 transition meetings, including the very first one on Warp Speed which I kicked off myself,” former Health and Human Services chief of staff Brian Harrison told National Review. “The idea that they’re walking in, having no clue what was going on, is absolutely preposterous.”


Not only is there a workable vaccine distribution plan in place, but it’s also working magnificently.

The former official described the distribution plan, which is being managed by U.S. Army general Gustave Perna, as “extraordinarily detailed” and “comprehensive.”

“It’s gone flawlessly,” the former official said. “Like, out of tens of thousands of deliveries under extreme cold storage conditions, I think three out of like 30,000 didn’t make it to the right place at the right time. So, it’s a 99.99 percent success rate of shipping to the right place at the right time in the right quantity, under the right conditions.”

What Biden’s team is really complaining about is that there is no centralized control for the vaccine rollout. We hear these complaints from liberal governors as well. They don’t want to bother coming up with their own distribution plans. They want to be able to blame Washington if things go badly.

But the stupidity of the Biden administration in making the outrageous claim of no distribution plan insults the intelligence. There was not one vaccine rollout plan, but 64 plans — one for each public health jurisdiction. “We actually created a rating system that has seven criteria for each one. And we rated them as red, yellow and green. And where we saw yellow and red, we worked with the states. We even sent strike teams out to the states and jurisdictions to help them get their plans well developed,” a former official said.


CNN has yet to retract the story, although they updated it to include Fauci’s comments. But this notion that if Washington isn’t doing it, it’s not happening is absurd. It’s been a little more than a month since the FDA gave emergency approval for the Pfizer vaccine’s use and already more than a million people a day are getting vaccinated.

Without any help from the Biden administration.

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