Violent Crime Surge in New York City Hitting Subways

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We all know that violent crime is surging in New York City. Now residents are becoming more concerned about how safe New York subways are.

Several recent incidents on the subway platforms have people wondering how bad things can get.


Fox News:

On Thursday, a 40-year-old woman was shoved onto the subway tracks in Manhattan’s Union Square station just before a train pulled in. She fell between the rails and a row bed, police said, escaping with minor injuries. A suspect was immediately arrested.

Hours earlier on Wednesday night, a man was shoved onto the tracks of the 42nd Street-Bryant Park station by a panhandler after refusing to give him money, authorities said. The victim was able to get back on the platform and wasn’t seriously hurt. A suspect was arrested.

One of the 300,000 residents of the city who have moved out since the first of the year said this kind of crime is exactly why he left.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is blaming school and business closings for the uptick in violence. This from the man who got the city council to cut $1 billion from the police budget, leading to hundreds of officers being taken off the job.

“It’s almost like a perfect storm,” Alfred Titus Jr., an assistant professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a former NYPD homicide detective, previously told Fox News. “We had bail reform, then defunding the police, which cut the amount of officers on the streets and the overtime that could be made, and now we have COVID-19.”


Lack of enforcement for minor offenses hasn’t reduced the violence. The number of shootings has doubled since last year and the number of people shot went from 828 during all of 2019 to 1,667 this year through Nov. 15. There were 295 murders in all of 2019. There have been 405 so far this year.

Those are just the raw statistics. It’s what the violence is doing to the quality of life that has many frightened for themselves and their families.

In another incident, a 70-year-old woman was hit in the face by a stray bullet Tuesday afternoon while riding a bus in Brooklyn. Two suspects are being sought.

A pair of parolees with multiple arrests allegedly broke into a home in Queens on Tuesday and held a family hostage during an hours-long standoff with police.

Earlier this month, a 64-year-old woman was robbed at knifepoint in Queens. The suspect violently grabbed her as she was walking and put a knife to her throat. He appeared to flee empty-handed, according to the New York Post.


It’s the law of the jungle. The weak and helpless are preyed upon by criminals who have little fear of getting caught.

The answer has to be new leadership willing to stand up not only to the activists who seek to weaken law enforcement but the criminals taking advantage of the lax enforcement to run wild in the streets.

It’s only going to get worse. One wonders when the tipping point will be reached and when the people will rise up to demand law and order or leave the city to its misery.

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