The Left Girds Its Loins for Battle After the Election

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More than 200 leftist groups have vowed to take to the streets if Donald Trump contests the result of the November 3 election. It’s an open invitation to war because you have to figure they won’t be alone in the streets if Trump loses and claims there was voter fraud.


Automatically dismissing any claim that the election might have been fraudulent is anti-democratic. So these “pro-democracy” groups are essentially telling Trump supporters  — no matter what happens — to sit down, shut up, and obey.

Not going to happen.


More than 200 “Count Every Vote” demonstrations—and counting—have already been planned across the country by Protect the Results, an effort launched by Stand Up America and Indivisible amid the president’s ongoing attacks on mail-in voting and the electoral process.

Pointing out deficiencies in ballot security is now an “attack” on the electoral process. How about Democratic attacks on the integrity of the election? Making it “easier to vote” also makes it easier to commit fraud. Democrats know this but are willing to accept some fraudulent votes — especially since the ballots will probably be marked for the Democrat.

“Our view is that we can’t bury our heads in the sand,” said Sean Eldridge, the founder and president of Stand Up America. “We have to be prepared if he were to try to undermine the election results or to prematurely declare victory.”


Define “prematurely”? Do you mean Trump should keep his mouth shut until the TV news channels say he’s the winner?

Indivisible co-founder and chief campaign officer Sarah Dohl gave a similar statement.

“Should Trump declare victory before all the votes are counted or prevent the legitimate counting of votes,” she said, “we will mobilize in every corner of this country to ensure voters have the last word in November.”

How does Trump prevent the “legitimate counting of votes”? Nice trick if he could possibly do it. But he can’t. There is no way a president can prevent the votes from being counted. What kind of idiot do they have running that outfit?

Also, I assume that stricture against Trump declaring victory before all the votes are counted applies to Biden too, right?

I have no doubt that liberals will make an effort on Election Day and afterward to influence the gullible and terrorize the timid. They have a game plan and have the players. All that’s needed is a spark.

Boston Herald:

In a New York Magazine piece entitled “The Rioters Aren’t Here to Convince You,” Zak Cheney-Rice defends the violence in and of itself, arguing that, like The Joker who wanted to see everything burn, “you might begrudge the rioters their insistence on seeing some of it burn for a few nights. But then again, you’d be missing their point.”


Their point is power, their method is by any means necessary. The left has known for 150 years that violence works, that for all the “peaceful protesters” marching for what they believe, a few dozen anti-social thugs throwing Molotov cocktails get their voices heard far more effectively.

The post-election atmosphere in America is not shaping up to be peaceful or calm.

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