More Than Sixty 9-1-1 Calls Go Unanswered During Portland Riot

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Saturday was the 80th consecutive night of riots in Portland with no sign that the urban terrorists have any intention of letting up.

I guess we’re supposed to call them “demonstrators,” but do any of them remember what they’re supposed to be protesting? Racial injustice? The white faces that make up a majority of the rioters are hardly effective representatives of the oppressed. The death of George Floyd? It would be interesting to ask 10 rioters if they know who George Floyd was. How many would keep throwing rocks at the cops and shrug their shoulders in ignorance?


This is an anti-police, anti-civic-order protest. And as long as anarchists and “anti-fascists” are allowed to congregate and attack police, they will continue.

The embattled police try to push back, but when they do, they’re accused of brutality. So their commanders increase the police presence hoping the number of cops alone can keep the peace. It’s a fool’s hope. Commanders are pulling police from all over the city, leading to a breakdown in emergency services.

Fox News:

Two officers went to the hospital. A photo shared by the police bureau showed a 9.5-pound rock that was thrown by a person posing as “press” as the officer “prepared to ride away on a truck.” Several arrests were made.

“At the time of this release over 60 calls for police service were holding around the city,” the Police Bureau said in a statement. “Some had been holding for the length of the events described here. Call types ranged from theft, vandalism, suspicious activity, hazards, hit and run, burglary, violation of restraining order, alarms, stolen cars, harassment and many others.”

The Portland Police Bureau gave a graphic description of the activities of the rioters.

Some of the crowd chants included, “kill a cop, save a life”, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

At about 11:17 p.m., officers reported members of the crowd were launching mortars at the police and cars well back in the Penumbra Kelly Building parking lot, followed by thrown objects. People began to trespass on the property. Portland Police gave public address announcements directing people to stay off the property, which was closed to the public. At about 11:35 p.m., people approached the front doors of the Penumbra Kelly Building, trespassing on the property. People in the crowd continually threw large river rocks at officers. Portland Police gave more announcements and force warnings. For the next twenty minutes people in the crowd increased their violent actions toward police officers who were standing behind cars fifty feet or more away from the crowd. Officers reported having rocks, frozen eggs, glass bottles, and frozen water bottles thrown at them. Officers reported people were shining green lasers at them, which is against the law in Oregon. Somebody spray painted over a security camera on the Penumbra Kelly Building.


But Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty called out the police for their “brutality” in not protecting the constitutional rights of those throwing rocks and bottles at the cops.

We ask our police departments to do the impossible: keep order and protect the rights of people who want to kill them. But the protests now have gone far beyond demonstrations for defunding the police or any kind of police reform. This is about order versus anarchy, peace versus violence and death.

Meanwhile, Portland’s clueless mayor, Ted Wheeler, is tweeting about the NBA and criticizing Washington for not sending more money. As his city crumbles, people will begin to vote with their feet and leave the city to antifa and their anarchist friends.


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