Philadelphia Prosecutor Threatens to Arrest Feds Sent to His City

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The top prosecutor in Philidelphia is warning that any federal agents sent to his city will face criminal charges if they assault or kidnap protesters.

District Attorney Larry Krasner says his dad volunteered to fight “fascism” in World War II “so we would not have an American president brutalizing and kidnapping Americans for exercising their constitutional rights.”


Did you know it was a “constitutional right” to throw a bottle or attack a law enforcement officer? I learn something new every day.

Krasner would love nothing better than to make good on his threat.


Trump’s dare to deploy additional troops to more cities will test the mettle of reformist prosecutors like Krasner, who has aggressively pursued police reforms and taken steps to eliminate what he calls unethical and unconstitutional police practices that Trump has said he’d like to see more of.

A clash between local and federal law enforcement over how to manage protesters in Philadelphia — if it comes to that — would be unprecedented.

Krasner has little concern for law enforcement. He’s spent his entire career making it easier for violent criminals to operate.

In Our Time:

Such brash obstinacy was very much in character for Krasner, who spent his career as a left-wing defense lawyer before getting elected D.A. in 2017 as a progressive reformer on a platform of ending mass incarceration. (He sued the Philadelphia police department at least 75 times before being elected D.A.) Today, Krasner is one of the most outspoken of the crop of progressive district attorneys elected in major cities across the country in the past few years.

This is a left-winger entirely divorced from reality as he looks for “fascists” to prosecute.


It appears to me—and I don’t have all the facts—but it appears to me there was illegal conduct in Portland. There was certainly extremely troubling conduct. If you jump out of an unmarked van, and you’ve blacked out the plates, and you grab a civilian on the street, you better have probable cause. It’s not at all apparent they did, although obviously I don’t know every single thing that they knew at the time. So that looked illegal. When you fire a deadly, life-threating, “non-lethal” round into a protester and fracture his skull, that would appear to be illegal. So, if you come to town, police or not, and you start kidnapping and assaulting people and causing serious bodily injury, without legal justification, you get arrested and you get charged. And I will charge people, whether they’re police or not, who engage in what is effectively kidnapping and brutal assault.

It “looked illegal”? You want to arrest federal agents because what they do looks illegal? Anyone for “prosecutorial misconduct”?

The radical left has talked themselves into over-reacting to anything Trump does. It’s one exaggerated, hysterical, fearful, hand-wringing thing after another. All of it is based on the cockamamie notion that Trump wants to set himself up to be a fascist dictator and throw them all in jail. And it’s not just drug-addled kids playing at being anarchists who believe this. It’s big-city politicians like Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Chicago and prosecutor Krasner in Philadelphia.


The “peaceful protesters” want a major incident with police, where people are killed and injured and symbolic property like statues and federal buildings are destroyed. They will keep pushing to get it, whether it be in Portland, Chicago, or some other major city.

The rioters hope that the violence will make Trump look bad. In fact, it may get him re-elected. Ordinary people aren’t frightened of Trump. They’re terrified of the mayhem let loose in their streets. They want someone to do something about it.

Since Biden appears to be tacitly encouraging the violence, he becomes an easy target for the Trump campaign to paint as a dangerous radical.


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