'We Thought It Was a War Out There' — 15 Shot at Funeral for Chicago Shooting Victim

Jeff Roberson

A funeral for a shooting victim killed last week on the streets of Chicago had dozens of mourners paying their last respects to the deceased.

As the crowd was leaving the funeral home, a car sped by pouring automatic weapons fire into the mourners. Some of them returned fire. When the smoke cleared, at least 15 people lay on the ground calling for help.


Mass shootings used to make headlines around the country. But in 2020 in Chicago, it’s becoming all too commonplace.


The incident started when occupants of a vehicle “began firing at attendees of a funeral. At that time the attendees of the funeral exchanged fire,” Chicago deputy police superintendent Eric Carter told reporters.

Shootings have become breathtakingly normal this summer across the United States. A total of 63 people were shot and 12 killed over the weekend in Chicago in ongoing gun violence, according to local media.

Carter said 14 people were wounded in Tuesday’s shooting, but did not specify the degree of severity.

The hysteria ginned up by the left over a few federal law enforcement agents being dispatched to Portland has made it impossible for mayors of big cities to call on the federal government for help. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot remains blissfully ignorant, blaming the violence on everything but her own tepid response to the mayhem let loose in her streets.


At almost the exact same time that Lightfoot tweeted about Trump terrorizing Chicago residents, 15 people were shot at the funeral home.

“We do not welcome dictatorship,” the mayor added in a newspaper interview.

The nation has gone insane. Or perhaps its just Democrats. Does Lightfoot even know what a “dictatorship” is?

Why not send some of those civilian conflict-resolution specialists to solve the crime? Or perhaps some social workers can help the gangbangers get federal benefits. Maybe Lightfoot could give another moving eulogy to a child murdered while cowering in her house as bullets fly all over her neighborhood.

One thing she’s not going to do is empower the police to do anything. And she has now gone on record saying she would never, ever ask for federal help to stem the violence.


I’m sure it was music to the ears of the gangbangers.

A neighbor who lives near the funeral home said she went outside when they heard gunshots.

“All we saw was bodies just laying everywhere. They were shot up everywhere,” Arnita Geder told the Sun-Times. “We thought it was a war out here. It’s ridiculous all the shooting that’s going on out here, it really has to stop.”

Donald Trump is sending the city 150 federal agents. No doubt Lightfoot really is grateful but wouldn’t dare say so. In fact, she will take full advantage of the deployment to rail against “dictatorship” and “tyranny.” Meanwhile, those most vulnerable to a breakdown in civil society are suffering and dying by the score.


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