Ocasio-Cortez: Republicans Call All Election Losses 'Illegitimate'

(Nick Wagner/Austin American-Statesman via AP)

Sometimes we get mad at Squad members like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for one hateful thing they say or another.

But lately, I’ve been laughing at AOC and the others. They are so divorced from reality that you can’t help but snicker at their obliviousness to their own stupidity.


In addition to being stupid, AOC is a liar. She lies with the practiced ease of a combination snake-oil salesman and Marxist propagandist. That combination of ignorance and lack of veracity makes for some comical public appearances.

At a town hall meeting recently, AOC solemnly told her gullible constituents that whenever Republicans lose an election, they claim it’s illegitimate.

Washington Free Beacon:

“It’s quite tragic and it’s very sad that it’s devolved to the point that any election they lose is illegitimate, and any election they win means they can govern with impunity,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “That is almost the definition or one of the hallmark aspects of authoritarianism.”

No, that’s the definition of “projection.” While there are plenty of right-wing nuts on the internet who claim stolen elections, I can’t think of one prominent party member who has made a serious claim of election fraud.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton claimed her election to the presidency was denied by “collusion” by the Trump campaign with the Russians. Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams claimed GOP “voter suppression” was the reason she lost by 54,000 votes to Governor Brian Kemp.

And there were others:

Abrams is not the only high-profile candidate whose loss Democrats have contested. Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum suggested in March that he would have beaten Republican Ron DeSantis if there had been a proper vote count. Gillum conceded his defeat the night of the election, then retracted his concession, and then conceded again when a recount showed him more than 30,000 votes behind his opponent.


The integrity of our elections is serious business and making carefree, casual accusations of cheating shows us that AOC cannot be taken seriously. She gives no evidence that “any election they lose is illegitimate” while evidence that Democrats, in fact, constantly question the integrity of elections is abundant.

So if our elections are so rigged, why do Democrats so fanatically oppose simple election reforms like voter ID laws and accurate and up-to-date registration rolls? Whenever a state wants to purge its rolls of the dead, or those who’ve moved, it’s a national calamity, according to Democrats and a sure sign that Republicans want to “suppress” the vote.

Our elections could be safer, they could be cleaner. They are far from perfect, but the notion that one side only bellyaches about the outcomes is laughable


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