Game of Thrones Season 5 Will Veer From Novels

The fifth season of HBO’s much anticipated drama Game of Thrones will premier one month from now, on April 12. Fans who have been speculating about the storyline got another tease from the showrunner, David Benioff, who made some surprising reveals in this interview with Entertainment Weekly:


“Worlds are colliding,” says David Benioff, who is showrunner along with Dan Weiss. “One of the things we’ve been most excited about from the beginning of the series is we’ve had all these far-flung story lines across Westeros and Essos which almost never cross. Now some of these characters start to head on a collision course for each other.”

And that new trajectory will have an unexpected body count. Characters that are still alive in the books will die this season (don’t worry, our coverage is spoiler-free). Key storylines will deviate from Martin’s narrative in controversial ways. There’s even another wedding. Or two. Actually three (gulp!). “With each season, the stakes get higher and higher and the war gets bloodier and bloodier,” says producer Bryan Cogman. “We’re in season 5 and there’s an expectation for big events and consequences.”

Indeed, the trailer appears to promise a lot more action with plenty of opportunities to kill off a favorite character or two:


How about this “new look” for Arya Stark. No more tomboy!


As they have been saying for 4 seasons, “Winter is coming.” OK, already…bring it on! And who better to usher it in than the ice queen Daenerys Targaryen. The dragons are back and they’re kicking butt and taking names.

And with House Lannister in chaos, we can only hope that the fall will be as emotionally satisfying as their rule of the Iron Throne has been insufferably arrogant.


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