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The music of the czars

In 1877 an Irishman wrote a ditty which will forever be linked to Jihadis and Czars. At a time when Iran is in the headlines and the US inducts its 33rd Czar under the Obama administration, what could be more suitable accompaniment to the news than the musical efforts of Frank Crummit?


[youtube o6vyZ_q-TjA]

That was the end of Ivan and Abdul right? Well some things never die. The WSJ reports that President Obama, after showing signs of retreating before opposition to his health care “reform” plan, is doubling down.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, in a high-stakes speech Wednesday to Congress and the nation, will press for a government-run insurance option in a proposed overhaul of the U.S. health-care system that has divided lawmakers and voters for months.

White House officials say the president will detail what he wants in the health-care overhaul, as well as say he is open to better ideas on a government plan if lawmakers have them.

Democratic plans call for requiring most Americans to carry health insurance. Failure to comply could cost families as much as $3,800 a year, according to a new Senate proposal.

The health care debate isn’t over by a long shot. And in case you’re interested the story of Ivan and Abdul continued …


While I pondered the moonbeams descended quite low
Casting shadows suffusely, and then
I discovered that I was standing close by
The tombs of those two famous men

Then in the tombs shadows there rose from a grave
The form of a Russian Hussar
And my skin nearly peeled, as he stood there revealed
It was Ivan Skavinsky Skavar

‘Twas he who was calling, I hardly dared breathe
My heart ‘most stopped beating from fear
When out of a grave, in need of a shave
Arose Abdul Abulbul Amir

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