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Wouldn’t you know? The attack on Mumbai is already being spun as a retribution for Hindu oppression and a stinging rebuttal to the “so-called” War on Terror, a phrase implying the bankruptcy of even the thought of resistance.  And notice the not-so subtle connection of events in Mubai to the Jew.  The message is clear. Get rid of the Jew, return Kashmir. Stop struggling. And the pain will stop.


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A reader remembers that the Indian Navy intercepted a pirate mothership not long ago.  Maybe when the Mumbai story is finally told we’ll discover that the intel people knew more than they could act upon.  Now the Indian Express reports that its Navy has seized what it believes to be the motherships of the terrorists who attacked its commercial capital.

India apprehended two Pakistani merchant vessels off the coast of Gujarat in a joint operation carried out by the Navy, Coast Guard and the water wing of the Border Security Force (BSF).

“We have apprehended two cargo ships in a joint operation near the Gujarat coast while they were sailing to Karachi. They are suspected to be the ships that ferried the terrorists near to Mumbai coast yesterday,” Home Ministry sources said.

Just imagine what would happen if India blockaded or inspected ships bound for Karachi. The Captain’s Journal describes how NATO operations in Afghanistan are supplied largely through that port. Nothing is simple in that part of the world.

Afghanistan is land-locked, and transportation of supplies and ordnance to U.S. and NATO troops occurs basically in three ways. Ten percent comes into Afghanistan via air supply. The other ninety percent comes in through the port city of Karachi, of which the vast majority goes to the Torkham Crossing (and then to Kabul) via the Khyber pass, with some minor portion going to Kandahar through Chaman.


The struggle against terrorism is always going to force us to choose between painful alternatives. It is mostly about making difficult political and informational choices as it is about kinetic warfare. Right now India doesn’t even know, or can’t even acknowledge, who is attacking it. On the day we can name the enemy — and name our friends — then we will no longer be at the end of the beginning, but at the beginning of the end.


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