Occupy DC To Face Counter Protest on Thursday Called 'Employ the 99%'

For the first time since the inception of the Occupy Wall Street, a counter-movement is appearing. Their message: stop whining. Stop being negative and tearing down America.  Be positive and be in favor of positive change. Work to improve yourself and work harder to get a job.


They are calling themselves “Employ the 99%.”

“Don’t have a negative attitude.  You don’t try to force other people to blame other your mistakes,” says Aaron Buchhop one of the organizers who works at a non-profit.

OWS protesters have captured the limelight with their complaints but so far have failed to come up with any positive agenda.

Tomorrow grassroots activists say students and young professionals plan to converge on the Occupy DC site in downtown Washington armed with job applications, college enrollment forms and military recruitment brochures. They also will hold a a resume workshop and job search advice.

The group say they they represent the sentiment of students and young professionals in the Washington, D.C. area. Many of them share the same frustration as the protesters but don’t like the negative OWS message. Many of the Employ the 99% attended the Occupy DC site and the October 2011 rally.

Cameron Halket, a protester who attended both events said he attended because he felt marginalized by society, out of work since 2009.

“I’ve always felt helpless to do anything and when I found this movement I realized that we can affect change,” he told Christian Post. “Doing nothing was no longer an option.


“People who want to better their situation can and will, Buchop says. “It’s amazing what some positive thinking and willpower can accomplish.

“There are a lot of people there who not part of the fringe Left,” he told PJ. ” They are largely people who are disillusioned and we’d like to help foster a more positive message.”

Buchhop says the message is not to continue to sit in tents and hold negative rallies. Instead they can empower themselves to do positive things for themselves and their community.

Buchop calls his message the Steve Jobs message: anyone can do anything if they are inspired and work hard at it

The group has a Facebook site, Employ the 99%. They plan to appear at McPherson Square in downtown Washington at 12 Noon on Thursday, October 20 and remain there until 3 pm.





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