Koran Teacher Molests Boy

According to El Fagr, last month “the mother of the ten-year-old boy could not believe her ears; she never could have imagined that her son could be sexually assault at the place she was sending him to learn the Koran—and by the same muhafiz [honorary title for memorizers of the Koran] who was charged with teaching him to memorize the book of Allah [the Koran].”


Apparently the Sheikh also threatened the boy with violence if he told anyone, though the boy eventually informed his mother, who told her father, who went to the Koran school, resulting in a scandal.  The teacher was eventually arrested and held for a few days pending investigation.  The man enlisted the aid of a lawyer from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party, who “immediately withdrew” once he learned the nature of the case.

Despite the shock that the mother and others experienced on hearing this news, this is certainly not the first time a Koran teacher molests a boy.   After all, considering that the Koran itself entices believers to paradise, where they will be eternally served by “perpetually fresh boys” (see Koran 52: 24, 56:17, 76:19), it may not be too surprising that those who spend their time memorizing the Koran would comes to desire boys.

Editor’s note: This story took place in Egypt.



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