Hillary to Drop Out of Presidential Race?

Asked about reports that Hillary Clinton may drop out of the presidential race, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, amid the press scrum in front of Jackie’s Diner on Main Street in Nashua, New Hampshire, laughed . Then he laughed again and said: “I have no comment on that. Absolutely no comment on that.” Still laughing, he turned to this reporter and asked, “Is that really the report?” “Yes, it’s in the Drudge Report now.” He then shrugged his shoulders and moved on.



ABC News (Video): Clinton’s emotional response to a voter question in New Hampshire today would seem to reflect not only the toll taken by the campaign, but also her resolve to continue.

John O’Sullivan: When Margaret Thatcher cried

The Anchoress: “Political crying never used to work – ask Ed Muskie and Pat Schroeder. But in an Oprah age, it may have it’s charms for some.”

Other reactions:

AllahPundit @ Hot Air thinks it’s a ploy, and speculates on who may have planted it.

Blue Crab Boulevard: “Sorry, it is too soon and the Clintons simply do not give up this easily. Look for a resurrection report very soon about Clinton’s reborn campaign. She isn’t done yet.”

Riehl World View: “One cannot be re-born until you die. What better way to do it than to plant the story of your demise, eventually pinning it on the underhanded dealings of a presumably noble competitor’s campaign? Nothing like sucking the wind out of your competitions headline grabbing success with a staged funeral that doesn’t take place. I don’t buy it at all.”


Outside The Beltway: “Unlike earlier reports that Fred Thompson would drop out after poor finishes in the early states, there’s just no reason for Clinton to quit. As noted in the previous post, she’s got more cash on hand than Obama and Edwards combined. And she’s got huge leads in several big states.”

Daily Pundit: “For those who think the Clinton “brand” is immune to defeat, recall what Jimmy Carter did to the Kennedy brand.”


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