Obama Will No Longer Wear American Flag Pin

Taylor Marsh: “All this over a flag pin on his lapel? It illustrates the length and breadth of group think now holding sway in the Republican party.”


Ed Driscoll: “Thus winning the eternal support of Katie Couric, her fellow newscasters, Hollywood, and other compassionate head-tilters.”

Michelle Malkin: “Can you imagine the Obama-approved presidential seal should this moonbat win the White House? (Yes, I’m having fun goofing off with the Photoshop spraypaint brush. It’s just one of those days.)”

Atlas Shrugs: “Talk about pandering to the radical base, he ought to run against Ahmadinejad.”

Daimnation!: “It’s one thing to make the (perfectly valid) argument that politicians shouldn’t wrap themselves in the stars-and-stripes, but using one’s refusal to wear a flag pin as a sign of virtue seems no better.”

Jackalope Pursuivant: “Senator Obama is really just rolling out the old ‘dissent is patriotic’ line, as if we’re supposed to be impressed by that extremely tired rhetoric. Or is this how Democratic senators still talk?”

Roger L. Simon: “The banality of his observations on this matter boggle the mind. What kind of ego is it that feels we must listen to this blather?”

Little Green Footballs: “I’m now beginning to put some credence in the idea that Barack Obama is nothing but a stalking horse for the Hillary Clinton campaign, because nobody could really be this stupid.”

Seth Leibsohn @ The Corner: “You wanna destroy the Obama campaign right now? Right now? HRC, and frankly every candidate, ought to be wearing the pin flag starting RIGHT NOW.”


Stop the ACLU: “Speak your ideas with the pin or without, Obama. They are still socialist insanities either way around. I could care less if you wear a pin on your lapel or not.”

The Carpetbagger Report: “It’d be easy for Obama to simply wear the pin and avoid the question, but instead he articulated a more important point about ideas carrying more weight than symbols. It was a small gesture, but it’s an admirable one.”

Captain’s Quarters: “If the presidential campaign can manage to rid us of that plague of color-coded caring, it might be worth something. In the meantime, wearing a flag pin on his lapel wouldn’t convince me to vote for Obama, and a bare lapel on a candidate who matches up with my point of view best won’t stop my support.”

Gateway Pundit: “Because nothing shows your patriotism like stuffing that US flag pin in the drawer!”

Hot Air: “All hail our moral superior, who for the second time in as many weeks dresses up a cynical political gesture in the rhetoric of high ideals and ‘change.'”


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