Jon Lovitz: "I Don’t Think I Really Understood What the Economy Meant to the Degree that I do Now."


via BH Interview: Lovitz Says Obama Tirade Drew Death Threats.

Jon Lovitz spent much of George W. Bush’s presidency doing what nearly all of his peers did – making fun of the Commander in Chief.And no one said a peep.When the “Saturday Night Live” alum chided President Barack Obama for saying the rich dont pay their fair share earlier this year, he ended up letting a security escort walk him to his car.

Lovitz tells Big Hollywood that his now infamous podcast rant against Obama’s class warfare rhetoric led to death threats left on the voice mail of his Universal City-based comedy club.“I know where you eat,” one message warned.

The comedian, who owns the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and Podcast Theatre, says he isn’t concerned about his safety. He is riled up, however, about the media, his fellow Democrats and why questioning the president’s policies means complete strangers now accuse him of being a racist.The wide-ranging discussion with Big Hollywood also touched on his evolving views on business and the publics reaction to his Obama critiques.The real story, as Lovitz sees it, is how the press is going after comedians. He praised two conservative media outlets for their coverage of his Obama comments.



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