Trailers For the 7 Movies Opening This Weekend

1. Wish I Was Here, Zach Braff’s follow-up to his cult film debut Garden State

2. I Origins, a sci-fi drama


3. Mood Indigo, a fantasy-comedy from Michel Gondry

4. Planes: Fire and Rescue, a follow-up to Planes, which was an expansion of Pixar’s Cars. Films that once would have gone direct to video now apparently show up in theaters….

5. Persecuted, a religious thriller about a framed Evangelical…

6. The Purge: Anarchy, a horror-thriller about a world where for a night each year there are no laws and you can murder anyone you want.

7. Sex Tape, an R-rated comedy by the director of Bad Teacher featuring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal as a married couple searching for their missing sex tape.


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