Goodbye, Au Revoir, Hasta Luego, L'Hitraot, Ma'a al-Salama ... Chesler Chronicles Leaves PJM

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I will be leaving Pajamas at the end of this week. The Powers-That-Be have suggested that I become an independent contributor to PJM, which will allow me to work on a new book, conduct a series of studies about honor killings, and continue publishing pieces at FOX, Middle East Quarterly, Newsrealblog, Arutz-Sheva, the Jewish Press, as well as at Pajamas from time to time.


You will always be able to find me at my website where I archive my work. You will be able to write to me through my website and continue to honor, inform, challenge, and entertain me with your comments both there and wherever I blog.

I first began my internet publishing career at Frontpage in 2003. I happily stayed there until Pajamas offered me my own blog (in addition to the blog I began to publish at my own website). I accepted and named it Chesler Chronicles. I have been blogging at Pajamas Media for three years now, since the fall of 2007. The years have flown by, during which time I have published more than 400 articles at Pajamas and nearly 18,000 of your comments.

I have been your most passionate Israel advocate, your expert on Islamic gender and religious apartheid, the “new” anti-Semitism, honor killings in the West and in Muslim countries, the nature of Islamic imperialism, and the long-term jihadic persecution and massacres of infidels, including Hindus, Jews, and Christians. I have worked with, befriended and written about brave and knowledgeable Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents and feminists. I’ve been your psychoanalyst-in-residence for terrorist-jihadists and for the Westerners who make common cause with them.

No, I do not excuse them. I try to understand them so that we can stop them.


I have argued for America’s virtues and defended Western, Enlightenment values. I have argued against cultural relativism, boycotts of Israel, honor-related violence, including honor killings, and against the burqa. In fact, I am about to publish an important paper in the next issue of Middle East Quarterly on banning the burqa in the West. I have exposed the filthy demonization of both America and Israel by Big Lie propagandists. I have opposed the Islamization of the United Nations as well as President Obama’s base appeasement of Islamists and of the Muslim world. I have exposed the horrendous biases of the mainstream media, which have now gravitated to “learned” scientific journals.

Here, at this site, I have discussed the way in which far too many feminists have abandoned their own vision of universal human rights for women, and have romanticized or at least underestimated the most dangerous misogynists on Earth.

I have also written about films and operas, about a most wonderful debutante ball at the Waldorf Astoria, about personal family events, including a wedding, and about the ways in which hospitals can be very dangerous.

Along the way, and to my surprise, I discovered that I actually love “blogging.” I will certainly continue to do it. It is the perfect “art” form with which to respond to events as they are happening.


I will miss you all — but we will definitely continue to meet again, both here and elsewhere on the web.

To come: An author’s choice of some of my most memorable articles that first appeared at Pajamas, and which often went “viral.”

Here, for your visual pleasure are some photos that accompanied articles of mine in this time period.

Phyllis Chesler and Ralf Schroeder. June 2006.

Nonie Darwish

Phyllis Chesler and Nonie Darwish. March 2007.

Phyllis Chesler and Wafa Sultan. March 2007.


Left to Right: Christina Hoff-Sommers, Phyllis Chesler, and Ibn Warraq. October 2007.

Left to Right: Gilles Dreyfus, Phyllis Chesler, and Philippe Karsenty. May 2008.

Phyllis Chesler and Pierre Rehov. March 2009.

Left to right: Valentina Colombo, Seyran Ates, Phyllis Chesler Zeyno Baran. Not shown: Zeinab al-Suwaij, Samar al-Mogren, and Elham Manea. September 2009.

Phyllis Chesler with the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam. January 2010.


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