A Sweet New Year To One and All

Dearest Family and Friends:

The summer was barely here and now it’s gone. Sweet Rosh
HaShana is upon us. Soon, the leaves will start to turn; can winter be far behind? Months fly by as if they were days. Only yesterday we were children. Now we are adults, parents and grandparents, responsible for our deeds and for each other.


Blood Libels are also upon us; they arrive with dizzying, heart-sickening speed and are truly abominable. Our precious Israel has been totally encircled by Big Lies and hatred. The fate of Israel is humanity’s fate, not merely Jewish fate. Israel’s destiny represents the destiny of Western civilization and that of civilized humanity everywhere. What happens to Israel will determine whether civilized humanity will—or will not–prevail over the forces of Evil.

Art by Irv Davis

Art by Irv Davis

We pray that God remember and watch over us. May God show compassion and mercy to all Israel and all civilians. We humbly pray that our good deeds, and those of our ancestors diminish, even cancel out what the scoundrels amongst us have done this past year: foul and mercenary deeds which have endangered us and for which we have all been held liable—not only by Jew-haters but also by God.

May we find comfort and joy in performing mitzvot, obeying our commandments as best we can, and may we be refreshed as we begin to read the Torah anew, again, an occasion which is also upon us. Soon, we will all be back in Paradise, ejected, but not rejected, on the road, moving ever east of Eden, unleashed into History, embracing our covenental destinies as we, like Avraham turn ourselves around, turn to ourselves, turn ourselves inside out in order to remain close to God.


Let us remember that at least two precious souls still remain in captivity: Gilad Shalit and Jonathan Pollard. May they be returned to us.

May your year be healthy, productive, and prosperous and may you all be inscribed in the great Book of Life.

Shana Tova U’Metukah
G’mar Chatimah Tova

With love,
Phyllis Chesler




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