The Woke Beast Cannot Be Appeased: Woke Employees at Woke Ohio Taco Joint Walk Off Job After Refusing to Fill Order for Cops

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Several employees at a Columbus, Ohio, Condado Tacos restaurant walked off the job on Tuesday after refusing to fill a catering order for police, prompting the woke chain to close all of its 20 stores “out of an abundance of caution.”


Condado claims no employees were fired, and, moreover, the employees were not forced to prepare the order.

A tweet by an employee at the Polaris location of Condado Tacos went viral earlier this week when he claimed he was fired for walking out on the job:

The employee retweeted this on June 1, apparently in solidarity with the violent mobs that have ravaged cities from coast to coast and here in Ohio:

His claim that he was fired has been retweeted more than 13,000 times and ignited a fiery debate about whether or not employees should be forced to feed cops in the wake of protests and riots over the brutal, unconscionable death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police.

Jake Widdowson also says he was fired:

“Immediately, I just didn’t feel comfortable making that order,” Jake told Eater. “I’ve been joining in the protests the last couple of days and seeing the extreme brutality on protesters and making that food was not something I felt comfortable with doing.”


Jake is the blonde Milo Yiannopoulos lookalike here:

Jake wrote on Twitter that “This is the one interview I could swear in, so this is my truest voice.” You’ve been warned if you decide to listen.

The taco chain told Eater that the Polaris location received a catering order on Monday night from the Ohio Highway Patrol for 250 “Bud Boxes.” At 12 bucks a pop, that comes to $3000.

Condados taco

(Screenshot of Condados taco order)

Considering that restaurants are struggling to remain solvent in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns, Jake should be grateful to have a job at all at a time when more than a million Ohioans are out of work. Oh, and by the way:

“No employees were fired last night,” Condado insisted. “A few employees working did express they were uncomfortable with fulfilling the order and after a discussion with their regional manager about their concerns, were given the option to not work on the order. The employees who expressed their concerns chose to not complete their shift last night however, their jobs remain intact at Condado if they choose to return.”


“Because we understand that emotions and tensions are raw right now, we offered those employees the option to sit out making that order, without repercussion, while other team members handled it,” Condado said in a statement. “We want to make it clear that they are welcome to return to work, if that is their choice, but they must understand that Condado Tacos is an inclusive business and that we will continue to serve everyone, including law enforcement.”

PJ Media reached out to Jake to ask if he’s still employed by Condado but received no response.

Apparently, he’s making some demands of his employer.

“I said the only way that I could stick around is if you make a public apology for taking this order and you make 500 tacos to give away to the protesters,” he said in the podcast linked above. “It’s just tit for tat then, but obviously they’re not going to want to do that.”

“Until they give real hands-on-the-ground help to protesters in their own city, they can talk about how they care about their own city all they want, but I want to see real action,” added.

I’m not going to mince words here: Jake and his virtue-signaling buddies should have been fired.

Serving food to customers is literally the job description when you work at a restaurant. If it violates your delicate sensibilities to serve people you don’t like, you need to find another line of work that insulates you from opinions and people you can’t abide. If you feel you must very publicly trash your employer on social media, you shouldn’t expect to keep your job.


Moreover—and proving once again that you can never be woke enough to please these entitled crybabies—Eater reports:

 All [the Condado employees they spoke with] agreed that the culture at their individual restaurants was supportive of actions being taken by demonstrators, with one employee stating that managers had offered time-off to protest and committed to bail employees out of jail if they were arrested. However, the incident has left many employees and customers uncomfortable with upper management.

Until I read that, I had some sympathy for the restaurant chain, but they deserve what they’re getting in bad publicity after taking the side of violent protesters. In an effort to prostrate themselves before the mob, they posted a black screen on their Instagram account to prove their wokeness.

View this post on Instagram

Condado was built as a place for everyone, without judgment or fear. A place where originality and being unique are embraced. We are also a family that cares for and about each other. From the first day we opened our doors, we have included all people as employees and as guests in the Condado world. We want to be clear that we stand against racism – always have and always will. . To the black community: we see you and we know you are hurting. We need to make it clear, black lives matter. There’s been a lot of conversation online about an event that took place last night at our Polaris location. We want to take a minute to address what happened. Our Polaris location received a catering order that was placed and paid for by the Ohio Highway Patrol. We accepted that order and there were a handful of our team members who felt uncomfortable fulfilling it. Management communicated that any team members who were uncomfortable did not have to work on the order. A few team members chose not to complete their work shifts. While no one was fired last night and if they want it, everyone’s job remains intact, we understand emotions are high. The order was completed and picked up by the officers. . We will be announcing donations and other efforts that we are making to support movements and efforts to achieve racial equality. Our Columbus locations are closed today to allow room for conversation between our team.

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol issued a statement:

Yesterday, the Patrol was made aware of a situation that occurred at the Polaris Condado Tacos. A large order was placed for personnel working the protests and while placing the order, which was fulfilled, the Patrol was treated with nothing but kindness and respect. At the time of the placing and receiving the order, we were unaware of any issues. The Patrol would welcome the opportunity to establish an open dialogue with the Condado’s employees in an effort to build inroads to open lines of communication that will help all of us. We are an agency who fosters understanding, communication and respect among all people.

Why bother? These entitled kids won’t stop until the police are abolished, our cities lie in ruins, and no one has a job.

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