Georgia Should Tell Disney's CEO to Go Home if His Actresses Can't Get Through a Month Without an Abortion

Michelle Disher, from Roswell, and others dressed as characters from "The Handmaid's Tale", protest outside the Capitol Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, was to sign legislation banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. (Bob Andres/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

This is getting ridiculous. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, announced last night that his company may stop filming in Georgia because the newly passed “heartbeat bill” will make it too “difficult,” in his words, for his crews to work there. Iger is not alone. Other film production companies, including Netflix, threatened to stop filming in Georgia after Gov. Brian Kemp signed the heartbeat bill into law earlier this month.


“I think if it becomes law it will be very difficult to [continue to film there] and I doubt we will,”  Iger told Reuters when asked how he felt about the new law. “I think many people who work for us will not want to work there and we’ll have to heed their wishes in that regard.”

“If it becomes law, I don’t see how it becomes practical for us to shoot there,” he reiterated.

Really, why not? What is happening on these Disney sets that the women working on them require constant access to abortions? Iger makes it sound like the women who work for him are a bunch of abortion addicts who can’t get through a month without having babies sucked out of their wombs. (And maybe that’s true, considering the film industry’s casting couch problem.)

But why should that be Georgia’s problem? If millionaires like Alyssa Milano and the others who are rending their Handmaid’s Tale garments over the Georgia law can’t go a few weeks without an abortion, I’m sure they can afford to fly back to California, where hundreds of willing baby killers are standing by, eager to stop any beating hearts they detect (and to collect their blood money — anywhere from $350 to $950 a pop for a first-trimester abortion in California).


Georgia (and the rest of the states that have passed heartbeat bills) ought to tell Iger others threatening to abandon pro-life states to shove it — take their liberal values and go home. They’re not allowed to vote in Georgia and they sure as heck shouldn’t be calling the shots when it comes to laws passed by the duly elected legislature of the state.

The lives of unborn children are fare more valuable than whatever filthy, immoral movies these studios are foisting on the public (more than half of all movies are rated R, and Disney is promising to add more to the mix). The temporary jobs these films create as a result of state tax credits are not worth the unbridled human carnage that results from liberal abortion laws. (And for what that’s worth, a recent study found that there’s not even any measurable job growth resulting from generous tax benefits designed to entice studios to film in various states.)

And anyway, why are all these tax-the-rich liberals flocking to states like Georgia to avoid paying taxes? It’s almost like they’re a bunch of hypocrites who think high taxes are for other rich people. I guess we’ll find out soon enough what’s more important to them: baby killing or the money. (For Alyssa Milano, it appears to be the money. She announced that she will continue filming “Insatiable’ in Georgia because she’s “contractually obligated” to the Netflix show, but she definitely thinks YOU should boycott Georgia.)


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