The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Insane Catch by Ohio State's Noah Brown

Ohio State University (3) is playing Oklahoma (14) at Memorial Stadium in Norman, Okla., tonight and it’s been a rather unusual game thus far. First, the game had to be delayed nearly two hours due to severe weather. Then, the Oklahoma running back who scored the team’s first touchdown (on a kickoff) casually dropped the ball right before he stepped into the endzone. For some reason, the play wasn’t reviewed, even though it was clear to everyone that the touchdown shouldn’t have counted. It seemed like fans watching on TV were going to be stuck listening to the commentators prattling on about that play for the duration of the game, but then, just seconds before halftime, something amazing happened to make everyone forget about the dropped ball.


Buckeye Noah Brown, who had already caught two touchdown passes in the game, made an INSANE catch in the endzone as he was being guarded by Sooner Michiah Quick. Since Brown couldn’t get past Quick, he reached around him and gave him the football equivalent of a bear hug, grabbing the ball and pinning it to Quick’s back as the two fell to the ground in a heap. Somehow in all of this Brown had the wherewithal to know where he feet were. He kept them inbounds and it was ruled a touchdown. You have to see it for yourself to believe something like this could really happen.

The Internet, understandably, blew up—quickly.


And my personal favorite:

Next page: Is this the catch of the year?

ESPN has already named this their play of the day. No surprise there.

Many are saying this is the catch of the year and it’s hard to imagine another catch topping it—unless it’s another from Brown.

Right now Ohio State leads Oklahoma 42-24 in the 3rd quarter. Brown has set an Ohio State record with his fourth touchdown catch, for a total of 72 yards this game—and we’ve still got a quarter to go! He’s also the only college player this year with four receiving touchdowns in a game—and again, we’ve still got a quarter to go.


UPDATE: Final score: Ohio State 45, Oklahoma 24. Noah Brown finished with 5 catches for 72 yards and 4 touchdowns.




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