The World Is Terrible Right Now, So Here's an Adorable Valentine Calf to Cheer You Up


(Photo Credits: Lin-Dar Farms)

This adorable Holstein calf was born on Valentine’s Day — with a heart on the top of her head!

Charlie Klinefelter, who helps run Lin-Dar Farms in Wooster, Ohio, with his family, said the 85-pound calf was born on Saturday night, “with a little help from me.” She was standing on her own and drinking from a bottle within 24 hours.


Most of Ohio was under a severe winter weather advisory on Saturday night as white-out conditions made driving hazardous and temperatures hovered around zero (or below) for most of the day. The new calf was kept in the milk house so she could keep warm during the frigid weather.

Klinefelter said his family believes they are “caretakers of a small piece of God’s creation” and so they farm “in a manner that is honoring to God and that is beneficial to the land, to our animals, to consumers of our products and to us.”

The family milks a herd of 85 dairy cows of various breeds and they also raise crops (mostly for cow feed) on 200 acres in Wayne County, Ohio.

The Valentine’s Day calf doesn’t have a name yet, but the farm is taking suggestions. You can leave your ideas in the comments below or on Lin-Dar’s Facebook page.

Here are a couple more pictures of the precious new baby. Looks like she has a second heart on her tummy!




Need more cow therapy? Enjoy some more pictures of the Lin-Dar cow family!


Here’s a sweet little newborn Jersey calf:




Everyone has that one photobombing friend, even this calf who’s showing off her haute couture coat. Born last week, she’s the result of a Holstein heifer bred to an Ayrshire bull.





Charlie Klinefelter said this is, “A first time mommy with her pretty stinking cute calf!” It doesn’t get much more stinking cute than this.



This guy scoffs at winter. The Scottish Highlander cow has access to the barn, but even in the snow and the -11 degree wind chill, he still prefers to sleep outside.





This Scottish Highlander bull is winning at life:



Here’s what that talented Scottish Highlander looked like as a newborn:



And finally, this little guy wants you to smile and enjoy  your day!




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