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No One Hates Your Transgender Child. We Hate What You Are Doing to Him

rainbow children, rain, umbrella, puddles, transgender

The mommy-blogging biology deniers are at it again! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to wake up in the morning and read yet another self-righteous screed from some LGBTQAIWTF defender who wants to sell me a giant pile of steaming horse dookie dressed up as her son wearing a dress. Can I have my coffee first? Look, lady, we get it. You're insane. It's just a damned shame your kid has to suffer because of your mental illness. This scary mommy (oddly enough writing on Scary Mommy), Amber Leventry, has penned "I Have a Transgendered Child, And I Will Keep Telling Our Story Until the Hate Stops." No one hates your kid, Amber. We just think you're bananas and probably not someone who should be trusted with the care and keeping of small animals let alone children.

By 18 months, and with the verbal ability to express an opinion about clothes, Ryan started to demand skirts, dresses, and pink and purple outfits.

At 18 months my oldest daughter crawled around barking all day and insisted on eating out of a bowl on the floor. I did not enter her in the Westminster Dog Show and then sue them for not accepting a human child in a canine competition. Nor did I insist everyone pretend my child was actually a dog. Instead, I ignored it. She eventually forgot about being a dog and is now a well-adjusted girl who eats at the table like the rest of us. If I were Amber Leventry, though, my eleven-year-old would be wearing custom furry costumes I spent a fortune on while going for walks on her leash to the dog park. This is not sane behavior. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a damn liar.

She was born a girl. We were the ones who needed to make adjustments, not her. And we did right before she turned 3. With the help of transgender friends, educators, psychologists, advocates, and our pediatrician, we began the process of introducing Ryan as a female.

First, her pediatrician ought to be scalped. Second, age three? Actually less than three. This idiot woman (who is also a lesbian and admitted that there is a gay agenda aimed at our kids and clearly hates Christians) "transitioned" her son before the age of three. And she wants you to take her seriously. Maybe the fact that this person didn't give her son a male role model (because she's a lesbian) has something to do with his confusion? A woman who doesn't think fathers are important or necessary is hardly the kind of person anyone should be taking parenting advice from. Leventry loves statistics, pulling out transgender suicide statistics for everyone to gasp over. Here are some statistics I bet she won't like.