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7 Money Savers for Your Summer Vacation

The kids are almost done with school (if they haven't finished already), and parents across the country are packing up the crew and heading out for some much-needed vacation. If your plans this summer include getting out of Dodge, chances are a part of you is cringing a little bit at the financial aspect of your time away. Because let's face it: trips can be expensive. But it's not only the actual transportation and lodging that can add up. It's the smaller things as well, like food (ok, that's not so small), souvenirs, gas, those last-minute bottles of water for scorching temperatures, ice cream for the kids -- you get the idea...

While there is no magical free vacation out there (unless you happen to be a winner on The Price is Right or something), there are certainly ways to not spend your life savings for a week out of town with your family. See if you can use any of these tips below, and if you have vacation money-savers of your own, let us know in the comments!

1. Book a Cheap Flight

If you can save money off the bat with the flight, then that could set the tone for savings for the rest of the trip. If you have the luxury of booking far ahead of time, do it. It could pay off. Also, the first flight of the day (and the red-eye) tend to be cheaper, so if you have kids, chances are that you're up early anyway. Get on that 6 a.m. flight to a more affordable vacation!