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Utah Principal Placed on Leave After Forcing Student to Take Pants Off and Sit Naked

What in the world was she thinking?

A principal at an elementary school in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been put on leave and is under a police investigation after she allegedly forced a little boy to pull his pants down in her office as a punishment.

According to a source, a teacher brought the student— a refugee who is believed to be in first grade —  to Edison Elementary School Principal Laurie Lacy's office after he kept pulling his pants down in class.

The school and the Utah Department of Children and Family Services reported the incident to the Salt Lake City Police Department. Detective Richard Chipping of the special victims unit said the allegations pertained to a "single incident" involving the principal and little boy earlier this month.


Lacy told the student to take his pants off in her office, the source said.

The student had no underwear on, the source explained, and Lacy forced him to sit half-naked in a chair in the corner of her office.

At least a few teachers were in the office during the situation and witnessed it happen, said the source. The person wasn't sure how long the student sat in the chair without pants on.

Det. Wilking said the school district and DCFS reported the incident to police on April 12. He said Special Victims Unit detectives are investigating the case, because it's somewhat sexual in nature and involves a young boy.

Because the case is in such an early stage, he wouldn't comment further.