Betsy DeVos Confirmation Teaches Liberals the Value of Homeschooling

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie in the U.S. Senate to confirm the nomination of Betsy DeVos to lead the Department of Education. Shortly afterward, liberals took to Twitter, announcing their sudden appreciation for homeschooling.

The Left fought tooth and nail against DeVos, branding her a religious extremist, a supporter of child labor, and an opponent of public education in general. Those who actually believe the nonsense they spewed about the incoming Education secretary are willing to reject the entire public school system to escape her. Could anyone imagine a more bizarre way for supporters of school choice and homeschooling to convince big government liberals to embrace their agenda?

Here are some of those embracing homeschooling after the DeVos confirmation. Enjoy!

Actress Lisa Schwartz, known for her role in the TV show Party Girl (2016), tweeted, "Time to get your homeschool on. #DeVos."

"50 Republican Senators just appointed a Secretary of Education who openly plagiarizes. Parents, home-school your kids. Now," declared Film critic Scott Weinberg.

Colin Cole, former defensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers, declared, "Homeschooling is really starting to look like an option in the Cole household. Wow! Just Wow! #devos."

Steve Agee, an actor known for his role in the show New Girl (2013-2016), simply stated, "Start homeschooling your kids."

Freelance journalist Steve McPherson, formerly with The New York Times, tweeted "*reconsiders homeschooling.*"