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Domestic Violence Awareness Video Claims Abuse is 'Just Something Boys Do'

A few months ago, it was a book claiming that boys were budding little rapists. Now it is a domestic violence awareness video. I find the video even more jarring, more offensive than the book. The voiceover—a little girl in utero—declares that abuse is "just something boys do" as the video shows a series of earnest-looking young boys, about 6-12 years old.

Judging by the comments and Twitter reaction to the hashtag, #DearDaddy, many think this video is insightful and they are dismayed by the negative reaction. They do not seem to be able to tell the difference between the laudable plea, "Dear Daddy, please protect me—and teach me to protect myself—from the boys who may be predators," and "Dear Daddy, protect me because boys are predators." We're being led to believe that first boys insult us with slurs, then they sexually assault us, then they hit us. It is just what they do.

If you have a young son, I recommend sitting down before watching this video. This is how the social justice warriors view your son and how they expect proper thinking people to view him. This is the world our boys inhabit, one where everyone assumes that they are abusers and where, perhaps, we end up trapping them in those inescapable, low expectations.