Mother’s Day Is the One Day a Year Liberals Appreciate Motherhood

Women's March demonstrators walk past the White House in Washington, Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


All year long mothers take a lot of heat just mothering. To add to it, the political left, in all its glorious hypocrisy, also piles on motherhood as a profession, mothers as people, and even the sanctity of life and the mothers who choose life over abortion. It’s a disgusting irony that progressives even celebrate Mother’s Day given how much they seem to loathe moms.


It’s not that liberals come right out and say moms are morons. Although a recent New York Times opinion piece did describe motherhood as one of the “dumbest” jobs ever, that’s pretty rare (and awful). Throughout the year, motherhood is criticized; studies show people are particularly obsessed with criticizing a mother’s parenting choices. Armed with false information about equal pay, progressives push mothers to champion work over motherhood, to pursue a career more “valuable” than parenting, if only so they make as much as their peers who have often been in the workforce twice as long and who chose jobs that are more financially rewarding. A lot of liberals feel it’s in line with their party’s views to eschew family values. And who champions this more than moms?

The attack on motherhood is most obvious through the perpetual battle over abortion. The fact of the matter is abortion hurts women. Keeping a woman from motherhood, or encouraging her to choose abortion, causes emotional and psychological pain. Yet one glance at Planned Parenthood Action’s Twitter feed shows how they purport to care about women but consistently advocate for policies that actually hurt them. Even Glamour recently piled on with a bizarre piece that a doctor who performs abortions wrote, describing how her profession has helped her be a better mom.


Nearly every day of the year liberals advocate an ideology that is inherently harmful to mothers. From feminism and equal pay to abortion and abolishing the “patriarchy,” these things actually hurt mothers in the midst of mothering, yet they carry on, perpetuating lies and myths. To add to this, liberals actually act like Republicans are the problem: In a recent ad just for Mother’s Day, USA Today reported that one environmental advocacy group, NextGen America, warns mothers “to talk about the GOP.” It’s hard to believe it’s genuine when, suddenly, on Mother’s Day even the most liberal of publications, politicians, and activists say “Happy Mother’s Day”– especially when they turn right around the next day to actively work against everything most mothers are trying to embody and teach to their children.



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