Chance the Rapper Praises Kanye West's New Gospel Album 'Jesus Is King'

Chance the Rapper in Washington, D.C. Photo credit: Nicholas Ballasy

WASHINGTON – Grammy Award-winning Hip-Hop Artist Chance the Rapper praised Grammy Award Winner Kanye West’s new gospel album “Jesus Is King.”

When asked for his thoughts on West’s latest album, which marks a change in musical direction for the hip-hop star, Chance replied, “It’s awesome.”


Rapper Pharoahe Monch, a Grammy-winning artist, shared his “authentic thoughts” about West’s Christian-themed new album.

“I appreciate the harmonics. I grew up with Christian parents so I get the whole choir and I’ve always appreciated Kanye for pushing the envelope and his sound and he always takes chances — that’s what I’ve liked even from the very beginning,” he said. “He’s a master at sounds and that resonates with me and he’s a master at harmonics and that resonates with me.”

Monch continued, “I would think that the consensus is ‘f*** Kanye’ but, for me listening to the album, I was able to listen to it from the beginning to the end and I appreciated some of it. I’m not in love with it. I think it’s dope.”

When asked if his critical comment was due to West’s support for President Trump, Monch replied, “No, as Pharoahe, f*** Kanye. As an album, I didn’t feel that way. I feel some of these harmonics and I feel some of the musicality that’s in the album and I’ve always appreciated Kanye for taking risks.”


Grammy-Nominated Rapper Mos Def said he hadn’t heard the album yet so he declined to comment.

The hip-hop musicians were in Washington for the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor ceremony honoring comedian Dave Chappelle.


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