Cuba, Russia Must be Held 'Accountable' for Supporting 'Criminal' Maduro Regime, Venezuelan Ambassador Says

Venezuelan Ambassador to the United States Carlos Vecchio in Washington. Photo credit: Nicholas Ballasy

WASHINGTON – Venezuelan Ambassador to the United States Carlos Vecchio said the U.S. and the international community need to hold Russia and Cuba “accountable” for supporting Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship in Venezuela, which he referred to as a “criminal organization.”


“They are supporting the suffering of Venezuela so we need to work with the international community to hold accountable those countries for supporting the Maduro regime,” Vecchio said after the signing of a “Development Objective Agreement to formalize USAID development support to the legitimate Government of Venezuela” with Mark Green, administrator of the USAID.

Vecchio, interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido’s ambassador, was asked if he is concerned that the House’s impeachment inquiry against President Trump could distract from the process for freedom in Venezuela.

“The Trump administration has been very important for us in supporting what we are doing in Venezuela but it is important to highlight that this is a bipartisan issue. Both political parties are supporting what’s going on in Venezuela,” he replied.

“They know the Maduro regime is not only effecting Venezuelans, it is effecting the entire region. It is creating instability in the region and we need to restore democracy because it is effecting also the U.S. I won’t make any comment about impeachment — that’s a domestic issue. I don’t care about that. I mean, I’m not going to make any comment on that,” he added.


Vecchio continued, “The only solution for the Venezuelan crisis is taking Maduro out of power so we need to do whatever we can do in order to restore democracy and defeat the dictatorship, which is not a classic dictatorship. It’s a criminal organization and that’s why we need to keep the United States united to confront that dictatorship, which is effecting the entire region.”


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