Jon Voight Defends Trump's July 4th Ceremony: 'This Guy Is a Peacemaker'

Actor Jon Voight is interviewed on Capitol Hill on Thursday, July 4.

WASHINGTON — Academy Award-winning actor and activist Jon Voight told PJM that the criticism of President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” Independence Day celebration shows that the mainstream media and the president’s opponents don’t want him to have any “success” while in office.


Voight was asked for his response to those arguing that Trump’s July 4th ceremony is inappropriate.

“They will take any opportunity to twist the facts and make him look bad, right? They don’t want him to have a success — that’s what they’re fighting. They’re fighting against every success. Yet, what is he doing? If you look very carefully at what he’s done is he’s creating the possibility of peace in regions that have been nothing but turmoil over the years. This guy is a peacemaker and he’s doing it very cleverly,” Voight said on Thursday after participating in a Moms for America event that featured Gold Star moms speaking out against socialism.

“He’s facing, you know, the various countries around the world — he’s educating everybody and he’s doing it with common sense and he’s doing it with just making them accountable to the truth of things. So, he has enormous respect around the world and we should be at his back and be very grateful for what he’s doing and the only way you can avoid knowing what he’s doing is to distort it, you know, to say it’s something else and that’s what the press is doing consistently,” he added.


Voight reacted to critics who have said Trump is attempting to militarize July 4, citing the tanks that have appeared on the National Mall in Washington.

“I think what it will be will be fun. Listen, it’s not a display of our armaments. If we wanted to display our armaments, guys, I mean, it could be a totally different story,” Voight said. “We’re not showing off our tanks. C’mon. It’s just fun. He’s just having fun and it’s going to be a lovely celebration and I’m going to be there so I’m very proud to be part of it.”

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