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Seattle Voters May Finally Get Rid of Turbulent Socialist Kshama Sawant

Seattle Voters May Finally Get Rid of Turbulent Socialist Kshama Sawant
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Even woke Seattle is fed up with socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant. The question is, will there be enough votes to recall her and banish her from public life?


The Socialist Alternative councilwoman has done more than any other leader to turn Seattle into a third-world hellhole by defunding police, encouraging the “homeless” to reside in Fentanyl Flats, stoking job-killing policies, and chasing out business.

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More than that, the city councilwoman has worn voters down with her outrageous and vitriolic antics, which have run afoul of the city ethics laws as well as the rules of what’s left of polite society.

During the “summer of love,” Sawant led hundreds of BLM and Antifa rioters to occupy city hall even as it was closed to the public due to COVID restrictions, and even as those same groups had taken over a police precinct and part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. They called it CHOP and CHAZ.


Around the same time, Sawant led a contingent of her pet protesters to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home, whose location was secret because of the mayor’s former role as a federal prosecutor. That was a criminal felony.

Sawant’s supporters have been described as a “cult” by Seattle-based government watchdog organization We The Governed. The Seattle Police Officer’s Guild is squarely in support of her recall after she led efforts to decimate their funding. Since the defunding and COVID-19 mandates led many police officers to leave, it’s now next to impossible to field a full contingent of officers to cover all parts of Seattle.

Sawant labeled two Seattle police officers as murderers. They’re suing her. So far, the city is paying her legal bills.

The councilwoman illegally and unethically used city funds to bankroll her pet project of taxing Amazon into oblivion. She was eventually caught and ordered to repay the funds to the city. She dismissed it as a minor infraction.

Sawant fought her recall all the way to the state Supreme Court.

She’s a walking disaster.


But Seattle is one of the more woke towns, and the third district, which Sawant represents, is one of the farthest Left sectors.

Leftists from all over have volunteered to come “canvass” voters.

Though Seattle voters elected a “Republican” for City Attorney, it’s still hard to know if there’s a widespread reaction against this wokest of woke council members in her own district. If there is, then maybe there’s hope for the Emerald City after all.

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