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Seattle: So Dangerous That County Employees Now Need Escorts to Mass Transit Stations

Seattle: So Dangerous That County Employees Now Need Escorts to Mass Transit Stations
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The liberal utopia of Seattle has become so dangerous that county employees will now have security guards escorting them to mass transit stations.

On November 15, King County begins its “Walking Bus” program, where county employees working in downtown Seattle and Pioneer Square will walk with a security guard to and from the nearby train station and ferry terminal.


“King County is launching a ‘Walking Bus’ pilot program where county employees can join their colleagues and a Facilities Management Division (FMD) Security Escort each evening walking to the King Street Station and the Coleman Dock from the downtown campus,” the county said in a statement.

Employees at the King County courthouse will meet at the 4th Ave. entrance to the building because the 3rd Ave entrance was closed due to a large and dangerous homeless camp outside the doors. County employees were harassed and attacked on a regular basis. A meth-head with a long rap sheet allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a courthouse restroom.

A homeless man, who had been recently released from jail by a bail reform group, stabbed another homeless guy to death in the encampment.


Guards will also escort county employees to various garages and bus stops.

What about private-sector employees whose taxes pay for the guard service? Good luck, they’re on their own.

Having people escorted out of the downtown region right after work means yet another kick in the teeth to local restaurants, already reeling from the carnage allowed by leftist politicians last year.


This is what happens when you vote communists into office. The police were defunded. Some cops retired and many resigned to work elsewhere. “Woke” is taking its toll.

What was it that former President Trump said about woke?


FACT-O-RAMA! As of this writing, Seattle has seen 4,433 violent crimes in 2021. That’s 14 per day.

The security guards are armed with pepper spray and will be wearing bulletproof vests. City Councilwoman Kathy Lambert wants the guards to also carry tasers, batons, and handcuffs, all of which are useless if you’re expecting them the tangle with people holding guns, which they clearly are if they are handing out bulletproof vests. Also, there ARE people armed with pepper spray, batons, tasers, bullet-proof vests, AND guns. They are called police officers, but the Seattle City Council voted to defund the Seattle police by $10 million dollars the day before the “Walking Bus” program was announced. Some commies want the Seattle police forced reduced by at least 50%.

Seattle is a glowing and tragic example of how leftist ideology is a joke. Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, allowed a portion of Seattle to be taken over by anarchists last year, in what became known as the “summer of love rape.”  Homelessness is rampant and dangerous.


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