You Want Baby Killers Locked Up? Better Stay Out of Seattle.

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Seattle is a great place to visit if you hate cops and kill babies.

Frankie T.Roberston-Butler, 24, fired 15 rounds at a police officer in a drive-by ambush attack in the Seattle suburb of Renton on Sept. 7, 2021. He had a warrant for firing at a police officer in March of 2021. Three days and $5,000 after his most recent failed ambush, Frankie was back on the street. As was his getaway driver, 23-year-old Lavonta J. Steward-Baker.

Criminal defense lawyer David O was designated as the pro tem judge the day Butler and Baker went to their initial hearing, and he set bail for both of them at $50,000, requiring them to cough up $5,000 each. Both thugs are represented by a far-left, pro-criminal group called Community Passageways, an organization known for bailing out career thugs. Butler and Bake skated three days after attempting to kill the police officer.

The prosecutor lobbied for $1 million bail for Butler and $250,000 for Baker.

David O is a criminal’s nocturnal emission.

His website states, “I am dedicated to criminal defense and it will be my honor to fight for your rights, to get you the best results, and provide you with peace of mind. I have dedicated my whole legal career to criminal and DUI defense because I love helping people.  I believe it is a privilege to practice law and even more so when someone has asked me to help them get through their tough case.”

The Renton Police Department wasn’t happy, and tweeted its disdain for David O’s handling of the situation.

Let’s review: A man who has attempted to murder two cops since March is walking the streets of Seattle. It only cost $5,000 to get him out, and he didn’t even have to pay the bail himself.

That couldn’t possibly happen again, right?

HAHAHAHAH! Silly conservative! You want violent people locked up? Better stay out of Seattle.

Career criminal Stanley Dion Red, 46, broke into a Seattle apartment armed with with an axe, a hatchet, and various other weapons. He has an extensive criminal record, which includes manslaughter.

After breaking in, Red approached the apartment’s resident, Henry Stelter, who reached for his handgun.

“I went back, and I grabbed my pistol,” Stelter told local affiliate Kiro7 News. “At that point he’d seen me, and he started walking down the hallway towards me and he started reaching for the axe on his back. He also had a glove that had a metal spike sticking out the front of it.”

“I just kept telling him he needs to get out. He was saying all sorts of random things that I couldn’t really make out,” Stelter continued. “I slowly backed him down.”

Red climbed back out the way he came. He was later arrested by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) for criminal trespassing. Red was later released with no charges at all, despite a bumper-crop of a rap sheet.

Red killed a 14-month-old child in 1999. He claims the baby drowned while he was out buying beer, but a neighbor claims he saw Red get into a car with the child, whom he was watching for two days while the mother left town. The neighbor claims the baby looked “beaten and lethargic.

Court documents show that Red prodded the mother, Laura Mjelde, to coverup the infant’s death after convincing her that Child Protective Services (CPS) would take away her other son, since CPS had been called on her previously. Red and Mjelde stuck with the “drowning” lie. They also decided to cremate the baby’s body.

Due to the absence of the toddler’s body, police and prosecutors were unable to verify Red’s “drowning” allegations. Thus, he was charged with first-degree manslaughter instead of murder. Mjelde was charged with rendering criminal assistance and false reporting.

If liberalism ever got an enema, they’d put the hose in Seattle. Releasing rioters is one thing, but releasing a baby-killer, and a guy who keeps trying to kill cops, is a new level of depravity. This isn’t “liberalism,” it’s insanity. Yet residents keep voting for this chaos.

Mad bomb shouts to Henry Stelter for owning a gun, probably a rarity in the commie-rific town of Seattle, and using it to save his life. I wish I could suggest he fired at the head of the ax-wielding baby-killer, but we all  know he would go away for life if he ventilated the poor lamb.

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