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This Trucker Tells California Governor -- On Live TV -- Exactly What He Thinks of Lockdown

Image from Twitter

Have you ever been in a yawning meeting or conversation with some pedantic nincompoop waiting for it – dying for it – to be over? On Wednesday a lone trucker sent a message to California Governor Gavin Newsom on behalf of all freedom lovers who want nothing more than to go back to their old lives.

Like manna from heaven, when someone does something that calls out the nincompoopery of the moment there’s a rush of relief knowing that you’re not alone, isn’t there?

Someone grunts, a streaker appears, or a guy belches in the middle of a particularly droning part of the presentation or, even better, someone does something like this skipper?

Sweet relief. Someone else believes the guy’s as big a horse’s ass as you do.

Which brings us to California Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom used his coronavirus update on Wednesday to talk about California’s fire season, which, though important, isn’t quite what everyone tuned in for. They wanted to know when they could get their, you know,  freedoms back.

Newsom was staged in front of a Cal-Fire rig droning on and on. And on.

And then at the 43rd minute, a trucker, seeing the Newsom spectacle, sent one message on behalf of everyone who wants their freedom back. He did it on behalf of everyone who thinks this governor has gone too far in keeping things locked down. And he did it on behalf of everyone who thinks the governor is enjoying his self styled autocracy way too much.


Here are three things to catch. The trucker’s message, the interpreter’s hands and the fact that the governor handed the microphone over to someone else.


Well played, trucker guy.

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