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The Light the Media Mocked Trump Over Could Be Used to Disinfect Airplanes

The Light the Media Mocked Trump Over Could Be Used to Disinfect Airplanes
Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Ultraviolet light is currently being used to clean medical instruments and lab paraphernalia and, as President Trump mentioned last week, researchers are looking into using that part of the light spectrum to kill the coronavirus inside the body.

Naturally, in their zeal to purposely misunderstand and misinterpret the president, they began, like the flying monkeys they are, to represent that the president claimed people should drink bleach and put lightbulbs in their human orifices. He said nothing of the kind, of course.

As my PJ Media colleague Tyler O’Neil pointed out, left-wing politicos and their transcriptionists in the media unthinkingly mocked Trump over the notion that light could possibly be used in any capacity to kill the virus and, yes, disinfect, the body.

Like this.

This self-described professor of chemistry knew nothing of the light technology and why would he? That’s the physics department, right? I wonder if he knows anyone over in that department?

If bathing yourself in brief periods of powerful UV light kills Coronavirus, then Trump must be fuc—ng invincible.

This Trump-hating doctor missed the memo too. But we can’t fault a doctor, who purports to treat people, for failing to do his homework. Hope his patients don’t find out.

So PRESIDENT TRUMP has said that ‘introducing’ UV light & bleach into the body could help treat #coronavirus.



America, I feel so sorry for you all. This man is an irresponsible idiot.

They were wrong, as usual.

Scientists at Cedars-Sinai are developing an ultraviolet light that is inserted into the lungs of coronavirus patients to kill the virus living there.

Trump was right again about “inserting UV light.”

It’s called the #Healight


Here’s another example of how wrong the media were.

“President Trump has been mocked relentlessly for suggesting that ultraviolet light could be brought “inside the body” to kill the coronavirus, but there is ongoing research to do just that.” –


That Trump might be proved right was too much for the media, whose Left-wing allies at the Silicon Valley social media platforms got the “HeaLight” company taken off social media “for violating community standards,” as my colleague Matt Margolis pointed out.

It was only later restored when the biotech company was found not to be engaging Google’s definition of quackery. Phew. Glad to know Google’s in charge of medicine for the entire universe. What a relief.

Satire aside, it must be particularly galling to these “reporters” that the 73-year-old president they think is a stuffed-shirt-know-nothing-blowhard has far more intellectual curiosity and zeal to learn about new things than these potted plants.

Well, back to the science.

UV technology is being considered further for use in meatpacking plants that have been in the spotlight lately due to outbreaks of coronavirus. Some places have used this technology since the fast-food outbreaks of E. coli O157:H7 back in the early1990s. Makes you wonder how the reporters missed that. That disease killed a bunch of kids, including a friend of mine’s daughter.

The company my husband works for makes components for UV lighting rooms that medical facilities use to disinfect – there’s that word again – large pieces of equipment, such as wheelchairs. It already works for small instruments.

Now comes word that the airline industry could also use a UV light device to disinfect – there’s that word again – the interiors of airplanes to kill the virus.

Reuters inconveniently reports that this doohickey that looks like a food cart can shine its UV-C light on the seats and kill the coronavirus.

In the March issue of the Institute Electrical and Electronics magazine, “Spectrum,” the inventors of the GermFalcon, Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg and his son Elliot, explained the device.

GermFalcon uses a set of mercury lamps to bathe the airline cabin, bathrooms, and galley in ultraviolet-C light. Unlike UV-A and UV-B, that 200 to 280 nanometer wavelength doesn’t reach the surface of the Earth from the sun, because it’s strongly absorbed by nitrogen in the air. And that’s a good thing, because it’s like kryptonite to DNA. Using 100-amps from a lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack, GermFalcon’s mercury lamps’ output is so strong that the company claims the system can wipe out flu viruses from an entire narrow-body plane in about three minutes: one pass up the aisle, one pass down the aisle, and a minute for the bathrooms and galley.

Now that we’ve established that the media and their allies are ready to censor things that they don’t consider scientific facts, you might want to check out the “Germfalcon” before – and its a very real possibility – YouTube’s parent company, Google, scrubs the site.

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