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Joe Biden Shows He Couldn't Tell You What Year '9/11' Happened if You Spotted Him Two Zeros and a One

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, file)

Another day and another exposé of how hapless and utterly off-his-game Joe Biden is.

In fact, his game hasn’t been on since, well, in Joe’s parlance when he runs out of things to say or forgets the question, “I’d better not say anymore.”

Before coronavirus idled in-person campaigning, the man who has always specialized in retail politics couldn’t seem to leave a greet-and-grab without throwing down on a variety of 80-year-old men to a) arm-wrestle b) do push-ups c) race the perimeter of the grange hall. Hecklers were challenged to fights outside.

His TV appearances during the coronavirus quarantine often have been equally cringeworthy.

Biden’s ad-libbed responses in interviews seem like a series of parenthetical phrases that have no start or finish. The phrases crash into each other and get tangled on the next thing that pops into his head. Biden gets so confused he simply stops. Then he pretends that what he’s just said is profound. The media pretends too.

Which brings us to 9/11/2001, the worst attack on the United States of America since Pearl Harbor.

Biden couldn’t remember the year 9/11 happened. I get it. Sometimes people get flustered on the air, but a guy who’s been doing it for decades? And the fact that Congress, where he was a senator, had to be protected? Naw.

Here’s what he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta at a CNN town hall:

“Look, you have an entire generation of young people beginning back in, in two thou…when, when, the attack cucurred [sic] on 9/11, that in fact behind the eight ball from the time they got out of school.”

Watch it for yourself. And light a candle for Joe, huh?