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Hillary's Latest Move Has People Convinced She's Running for President in 2020

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Is it expectation or abject fear that have people speculating about what the heck Hillary Clinton was saying on Twitter Friday?

Clinton made an announcement on Twitter that set off fresh speculation for the 2020 election race.

What would Hillary be doing on Hulu on March 6?

This guy wondered if Hulu was running a Hillary Clinton murder-mystery:

Or whether she’d been blocked by Obama:

I guess we should have expected this:

And this:

In fact, Clinton was touting a documentary about her life that will air on Hulu on March 6.


There are still many pundits who believe Clinton could parachute into the presidential race at some point.


If she is seriously considering getting into her third presidential race, doing a kick-off documentary after Super Tuesday doesn’t quite seem the way to get that accomplished, but you never know.

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Let the speculation begin anew.

Here’s the teaser for the documentary: