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Dem Response Resurrects Misleading 'Kids in Cages' Attack

Dem Response Resurrects Misleading 'Kids in Cages' Attack
(AP Photo/John Amis)

Stacey Abrams, former Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, delivered the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union on Tuesday. In that speech, she repeated the misleading accusation that Trump’s administration put kids in cages.

“This administration chooses to cage children and tear families apart,” Abrams declared.

The viral photo of a child in a cage did not come from Trump’s immigration policy, however. The photo came from a protest against the Trump administration. Other photos came from 2014, during the Obama administration.

In May, Trump tweeted, “Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages. They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires. Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country…Bipartisan Bill!”

PolitiFact rated his statement “True.”

While the Trump administration did keep children in caged areas for a time, the policy dates back to Obama.

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