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Liberals Smash Ronald Reagan After Mark Levin Says Trump's Foreign Policy Is 'Reagan's Third Term'

Nancy and Ronald Reagan signal to well-wishers and supporters at the Century Plaza Hotel at night, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1984 in Los Angeles after Reagan was declared the winner in the 1984 presidential election against Democratic opponent Walter Mondale. (AP Photo)

The Left will attack anyone who is credibly compared to President Donald Trump. Even Ronald Reagan — whom Americans rank as the best president since World War II — must be maligned if he is compared to Trump. When Mark Levin said Trump’s foreign policy effectively represented “Reagan’s third term,” they pounced.

“I listened to president Trump’s speech today, it was an incredible speech. It was anoustanding speech,” Levin said on his radio program. He agreed with a Conservative Review story declaring that “Trump’s national security strategy is Reagan’s third term.”

“It is. It is a muscular, prudential national security strategy,” Levin said. He contrasted Trump’s foreign policy with President Barack Obama’s, which he said was oriented around “appeasement, surrender of American sovereignty, and capitulation.”

On Tuesday morning, “Reagan’s third term” started trending on Twitter, so liberals reached to attack Reagan — because he was compared to Trump.

“Didn’t read the article, but is it Ronald Reagan’s Third Term because Trump is also senile af?” asked Greg Olear, founding editor of the Trump-Russia obsessed online outlet “The Weeklings.” (Twitter has given Olear the coveted blue checkmark, while removing PJ Media terror expert Bridget Johnson…)

This below-the-belt attack on Reagan and Trump hit on the much-disputed story that Reagan’s Alzheimer’s — which eventually claimed his life — struck him during his presidency. Serious historians dispute this claim, but it remains a popular way to discredit Reagan.

Levin’s remarks had absolutely no connection to Reagan’s alleged early Alzheimers, of course, and Olear should be ashamed of himself for reaching for that comparison. But he was not alone.

“Reagan’s Third Term? You mean the one that he would have spent as an addle-brained dotard, riddled with Alzheimer’s, his health rapidly failing, mumbling nonsense… Yep, sounds like Trump, alright,” tweeted Daniel Greer, a user whose bio ironically calls for “informed debate” and warns that “trolls” will be blocked.

Others made the Levin comment about race. “Reagan’s Third Term? Ohhhhh I Get It: Many Ppl Under Reagan’s Admin Went To Jail BUT Trump’s Will Surpass It… I See What You Did There!” tweeted black anti-Trump activist “Madam President.”

Another black Twitter user fleshed out the Reagan race allegation more specifically. “When Mark Levin is praising Trump as the next Reagan messiah, you know this is propaganda at its finest! Reagan’s CIA was behind bringing drugs into this country and into black communities. I wouldn’t be praising that!” Mompreneur tweeted.

She referenced a controversial idea, that Ronald Reagan’s CIA worked with the Nicaraguan Contra rebels to import cocaine into the U.S. as part of the Iran-Contra scandal. The Reagan administration acknowledged that funds from cocaine smuggling had helped to fund the Contras, but stated that the smuggling was not authorized by the U.S. government or by resistance leaders.

Other liberals also hit Reagan on the Iran-Contra scandal. “Reagan committed treason selling arms to Iran to fund his illegal war in S America,” a liberal “animal rights” activist posted on Twitter.

The Iran-Contra scandal involved actors in the Reagan administration attempting to free hostages from Hezbollah. The administration broke an embargo on selling weapons to Iran in order to secure the hostages’ release. They used the funds from that purchase to fund the Contras, anti-Socialist rebels in Nicaragua. Reagan’s personal involvement in this scandal is still debated.

This scandal mars Reagan’s legacy, but when Levin compared Trump favorably to Reagan, he referenced Reagan’s successful efforts to undermine the Soviet Union. Reagan’s battle with Communism led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and this is his true legacy, over and above scandals.

“Can’t imagine a Republican President being paid a higher compliment. And, coming from Levin, who knew and worked for Reagan, and who is a Reagan scholar, this is special indeed,” Trump supporter “unscripted Mike” tweeted.

Comparisons between Trump and Reagan have been controversial since the 2016 Republican primary. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) attacked Trump for allegedly departing from Reagan’s commitment to democracy and human rights. Trump’s foreign policy addresses have prompted the Reagan comparisons, and these do indeed echo Reagan’s clear defense of American interests abroad.

Republicans have elevated Reagan perhaps too much, but he was an absolutely pivotal national security president. His legacy of bringing an end to the Cold War earned him a central place in history. It is impossible to tell whether Trump will have a similar legacy, but his reversal from Obama’s foreign policy has been quite remarkable.

In any case, liberals’ speed to denounce Reagan — seemingly because he was compared to Trump — proved quite revealing. The Trump hatred is extremely strong in these activists…