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New York Murder Trial Derailed by Claim Witness Had Sex With a Dog

On Thursday, a murder trial in Troy, N.Y., had to be suspended after attorneys for the defense claimed a witness had sexual contact with a dog.

The ongoing trial focuses on murder charges against Johnny Oquendo, who is accused of killing his stepdaughter, Noel Alkaramla, in 2015, putting her body in a suitcase and dumping it in the Hudson River. The trial faced a new commotion on Thursday, however.

The prosecution called a woman who claimed to have been Oquendo’s ex-girlfriend. She claimed to have known Alkaramla as well, and gave her phone number and Oquendo’s number as proof.

During the cross-examination, however, the defense aimed to undermine her credibility, saying she broke up with Oquendo because he discovered that she was having sex with a dog, local TV station News10 reported.

The defense presented videos the witness allegedly took, showing the alleged sex acts.

The presentation caused a commotion, and the witness was taken off the stand because she may require an attorney going forward. The judge said she may return with more testimony.