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University Reportedly Funneled Money From Pro-Traditional Marriage Club to LGBT Groups

Last semester at Georgetown University, a student group known as “Love Saxa” made its opinion clear on the subject of marriage: They align with the Catholic Church’s teachings. That shouldn’t be out of line at Georgetown; after all, it was founded as a Catholic university.

However, since then strange things have happened to the group’s funding.

As The College Fix assistant editor Daniel Payne notes: “The campus student group Love Saxa — which last semester faced serious social and institutional pressure for espousing Catholic doctrine on marriage (at a Catholic university, no less!) — recently discovered that a substantial amount of its funding has either gone missing or, in some cases, been funneled into the coffer of LGBT-friendly groups on campus.”

It sounds like Love Saxa is being punished because they fail to embrace a politically correct idea. Meanwhile, the groups who do are being rewarded.

Georgetown claims that there aren’t any existing mechanisms in place to make sure donations made to Love Saxa actually are directed to the group. As Payne notes:

As an attorney representing the group pointed out, Love Saxa has been in possession of “a fully functional set of accounting codes” since at least last school year. Additionally, it remains a mystery why, “designated worktag” or not, several donations somehow mysteriously ended up in the coffers of pro-LGBT groups — a striking coincidence, given that Love Saxa has been targeted by LGBT activists for months now. And then there’s the matter of the $200 that just outright went missing; did someone just ball the check up and toss it out the window? Give us a break.

Not only did the pro-traditional marriage group not get the money, it ended up in the hands of their polar political opposites? If binge-watching NCIS has taught me anything, it’s to be skeptical of coincidences. Had the money ended up with the pottery club or a creative writing group, then I might be less skeptical.

While it may just be a weird turn of events, this stinks to heaven. I’ve seen too many Leftists pull illegal stunts like this. Remember, outright crime in pursuit of a goal is no sin to those who embrace moral relativity. Redirecting a small amount of cash would just be a walk in the park.