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Liberal Group Places Losing Candidate On Panel About How To Win Elections

Pretty much every candidate who enters a political race does so with the intent on winning. Obviously, it doesn’t work out that way for everyone. In fact, when you look at it, the percentage of candidates who win is actually fairly small. After all, most are weeded out through primaries or similar campaigns with numerous candidates.

That might just be white Netroots Nation has opted to place a losing candidate on a panel at a conference on how liberals can win elections.

From The Federalist Papers:

The group’s annual conference will feature loser Jon Ossoff, who lost handily to Republican Rep. Karen Handel. It was a race that Democrats were sure they could win by playing the NeverTrump card.

The New York Times said the loss was “demoralizing for Democrats.” Ossoff was a young leftist who had the support of the Hollywood elite and the globalist types. He didn’t even live in the district he was trying to represent. He lost despite spending $24 million on the campaign compared to Handel’s $4 million.

Yet for some reason, this is the man who Netroots Nation thinks is qualified to give advice on how to win an election. The panel Ossoff is speaking on is called “Leaving it all on the Field: The Midterm Elections in the Resistance Era.” Also speaking is a Daily Kos writer, a Democratic candidate, and an official with the Democratic Party.

Now, that’s not to say Ossoff has no expertise to give.

After all, when one loses an election, they do gain perspective on just how not to win, for example. Ossoff can speak on how having a Hollywood celebrity like Alyssa Milano support you doesn’t really translate to votes in a red district, Maybe he can speak about how being a liberal running in a red district, in a red state, against a Republican woman who was almost the party’s nominee for governor, might not be the best way to gain ground in the house. It’s a thought.

In fairness, maybe they’re having a hard time finding any panelist with the relevant experience and since Ossoff doesn’t have much going on right now – after all, he’s not sitting in Congress – he’s available.

Unfortunately for Netroots, their conference won’t accomplish a whole lot for one simple reason. Liberals still haven’t accepted that they lost the election because of things that had nothing to do with racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, or anything of that type. Until they do, and recognize that screaming at people about how they’re bigots for not supporting leftists policies is not a winning formula, they’ll continue to lose elections.


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