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Evergreen State College Student: 'F*** Free Speech'

Social justice doesn’t have anything to do with justice — it’s just about arbitrary power. They want social control. They want the authority to tell people what they’re permitted to think and feel.

Much as they might dream, WrongThink will never be something they’ll be able to stamp out, with humans having the capacity to reason. But plenty of regimes have managed to destroy free speech, and the SJWs at Evergreen State College reveal they want that power, too:

“Although [Professor Bret Weinstein] has not personally said, you know, ‘go out and attack the students,’ that has been the result of his actions,” Hadley, a student at the college, proclaimed in an interview with Vice News. “He has incited white supremacists and he has validated white supremacists and Nazis in our community and in the nation. And I don’t think that should be protected by free speech.”

Other students expressed similar attitudes toward free speech, arguing that threats to minority groups on campus should not be protected by the law.

“We received a threat saying that people come here, and execute every single person they see on campus. At that point, f*** free speech,” another student remarked during a dorm room bull session recorded by Vice.

I’m going to call BS on the claim that anyone received that threat. Why? Because of the all the reported hate crimes against liberals that have made the news lately, just about every single one has panned out as a hoax.

And anyway, this student is ignorant of his country’s laws. Of course making a specific violent threat is not free speech, so if there was a threat, you can’t blame the First Amendment.

But Hadley’s remarks are far more troubling than the other student’s ignorance.

You see, he’s not talking about threats at all. He’s talking about prosecuting Weinstein for stating the opinion that a “No Whites Day” is a problem. Hadley’s entire notion of free speech — and, by extension, freedom — is predicated on holding and espousing ideas that the person in power finds tolerable.

Free speech exists to protect all ideas, even the colossally stupid one spoken by Hadley. We let everyone have their say because no human is born with the innate right to silence another.

When you try to silence speech, it never goes the way you hope. The ideas remain, but now they’re not discussed. I don’t have any right to silence Hadley, and I don’t want to, because I think it’s necessary to mock and ridicule his idiocy. You don’t kill bad ideas by shutting up Hadley. You kill the herd immunity to bad ideas like Hadley’s, and set yourself up for trouble if a person with his ideas ever finds himself in charge.

Hadley and the students at Evergreen State are parroting history’s dumbest ideas, thinking themselves to be cutting-edge. They would have been better served at a school that’s committed to the search for truth — or at least one that doesn’t let students blow off exams to protest Bret Weinstein’s free speech.